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Oz the Great and Powerful 2013

A small-time magician is swept away to an enchanted land and is forced into a power struggle between three witches...

Release Date:
March 8, 2013
130 min
Sam Raimi ...
Rachel Weisz, Kevin Thompson, Michelle Williams, Logan Fry, Gene Richards, James Franco, Bruce Campbell, John Paxton, Bill E. Rogers, Emma Raimi, Russell Bobbitt, Martin Klebba, Mila Kunis, Robert Buck, Joey King, Bryan Lee, Zach Braff, Shannon Murray, Deborah Puette, Brice Harris, Wendy Cutler, Ralph Lister, Brian Searle, Gene Jones, T.J. Jagodowski, Doug Kolbicz, Mia Serafino, Betsy Baker, Theresa Tilly, Nicholas Ritz, Eric Potts, Robert Stromberg, Rob Crites, Jon Overgaauw, Vong Lee, Kevin Wayne Berger, Anna Li, Ashley Siloac, Jacob Godzak, Kef Lee, Paul J. Spear, Oz Noori, Filip Watermann, Nikki Smith, Linda Linsley, Blake Arnold, Ron Baratono, Jessica Nichole Lach, Arnold Agee, Courtney English, Rebecca Mccarthy, Ari Rufino, Bob Jay Mills, Dan Nelson, Steve Forbes, Kelly Bacon, Julie Gershenson, Hannah Madigan, Lee Christian, Lori Mulligan, Ryan Groves, Jessee Foudray, Matt Weinglass, David Schwager, Derrick Gilliam, Bernie Allemon, Cameron Barnett, Christophe Zajac-Denek, Alexander Christopher Jones, Alaina Whitney, John C. Epperson, Heather Park, Mikayla Bouchard, Jayne Violassi, Kenneth D. Ciszewski, Neil Ellice, Lanika Wise, Phillip Huber, Carly Francavilla, Victoria Lurz, Oliver Raimi, Hans Ihlenfeldt, Chester F. Guilmet, Dan Cota, Melissa Exelberth, Brandon Hamilton, Jake Williams, Dale Drew, Reza Mir, Channing Pierce, Nicholas Lindsay-Abaire, Michael Witous, Rafael Romano, Roy Kellerman Jr., Eric Brakke, Jim Moll, Jessica Petrik, Chase Edwards, James Bird, Dashiell Raimi ...
Action, Family, Adventure, Fantasy ...

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Solar rating: 7.6


Imdb rating: 6.4

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Great's worth watching but it was terribly miscast.
@smoreo503 lets not be too judgmental. Not many have the complete collection of first editions, not many know the whole story. In comparison? Harry Potter was a dweeb.
There is so much more to the story than the classic movie, and even this amazing rendition, could portray. I am surprised and somewhat dismayed that it took so long for the movie makers to add to the visual story, rather than to remake the same tales over and over. Oz is a phenomenon ahead of its time, and I feel, its time to bring the whole tale to light.
A very good family movie. May become a classic someday, like the original.
I enjoyed this surprisingly.
It is a must watch,2hrs and 5 mins went so fast its just a great movie to watch with the kids/FAM.10/10. TY SM.
For 130 min long, it sure went fast. Very well done!
When I watched the movie I thought it was a sequel but it wasn't. very good movie to watch and good for the family too.
VERY ENTERTAINING and funny at some 'parts', a 'CLEVER TWIST' adaptation of the original Wizard of Oz.....and you know what they say YOU GOTTA' BELIEVE! =^_^=
good take on the Land Of Oz
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