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One Night with the King 2006

"One Night With The King" chronicles the life of the young Jewish girl, Hadassah, who goes on to become the Biblical Esther, the Queen of Persia, and saves the Jewish nation from...

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THIS MOVIE IS TERRIBLE!! dont waste your time watching it!!!

This is a marvelous movie... love it... love the story... doesn't get any better than this!!!
A Poetic story although I think with all of money spent on scenery, they should have provided some of the actors with linquistic lessons, could brought more to the movie.
Great film!
Nice pacing and direction!
A must see!
:fresh: Fantastic movie. One of my all time favorites!! Great acting. Beautiful cinematography. Queen Esther played by Tiffany Dupont was a great performance. Her virtue, intelligence and intrigue was inspiring. The King, played by Luke Goss was also exceptional. A very romantic leading man.
A must see for anyone who wonders if they can make a difference in this world we live in.:up:
Worth watching with some PG for
this is a great movie that I enjoyed. I would highly recommend it. The story was almost true to the real story. The actors were great and the score was just amazing. The CG in the film had a little more the be desired but for the budget it had it was great to. overall a great film!
Usually, I would give this boring and bad of a movie a zero. The only thing that saves One Night with a King from the rating of zero, is the sets, which were all right, and the actress who played Esther, who was very beautiful. Her acting was meh though. The only reason I went to see this is because someone I knew really wanted to go to it.

She had a sweet piece of JEWelry in this movie. Yeah, but don't see this.
I went to the theaters 2 see it & it was really good!!
it followed the bible.. alrite
& it was romantic.. well.. which us girls love =)
so... yea..
i didnt like how some people didnt have accents or anything..
but i got over it after awhile
u should see it !
& i dont like some of those biased & really dumb reviews some biased dumb critics wrote
i left a few comments on sum of those.... =l

(Spoiler warning) I was rather disappointed in seeing the movie. A

grand story was ripped to shreds to provide a vehicle for a theme that

has been told a thousand times in a thousand mediocre movies. I had

read a string of glowing reviews, but now that only makes me question

the motives or judgment of those reviewers.

In sum, given the place of this movie's making, it becomes all too

clear that this is a perhaps grand effort on the part of Bollywood

(India's movie industry name) to make a film that might have some

appeal outside of India. This is not to disrespect Bollywood. I have

heard good things about their work ethic and success in India. But it

is an industry devoted to and wholly reliant upon love stories with

little or no significance. (I admit my low level of information about

Bollywood, but seeing what has been done to this story, and connecting

it to the place of its making, etc, I can draw only one conclusion.)

The saddest part is that they took one of the best stories in the

bible, one where a strong woman character rises to save the entire

Jewish race, and they reduced it to a maudlin love story best left for

harlequin romances. It is a somewhat short story in the bible, so a

film would have to add some elements but this effort goes to ridiculous


A better telling would be to approach some of the epics of decades ago,

for example "the Ten Commandments". There, while many elements were

added to make the epic length, the main story remains the heroic effort

of Moses to bring the Jews out of Egypt.

The story is one of triumph of a people under domination. There is

little about love in the story itself and I found the . The movie

creates two love settings, or rather some kind of love triangle, that

has no place in a telling of the story of Esther.

There is no character Jesse in the bible story. Haddasah does not have

a boyfriend or love interest, and more importantly there is no plan for

her to travel to Jerusalem. There is no expressed love between

Haddasah/Esther and the King. In the story, the King chooses her for

queen simply because "she pleased him". What that means is


The rest of the story relates to how after a bit of low level intrigue,

Esther is put in a position to be able to save the Jews. Unfortunately,

again, here the movie goes to great lengths to create a storyline to

put Esther in that position, but it relies on inserted and improbable

events, when the bible story provides enough without the help of any

average-skilled movie script writers.

That is, the movie is permeated with talk of war, with Greece no less,

and that Greece's hated "democracy" and its concept of "all people

being created equal" is a reason for killing the Jews since they are

"Greece lovers". Holy Frijole, how timely! Boy, isn't it amazing how

history repeats itself? The movie writers spend the entire movie

alternating between invented love stories or invented references to war

and hatred of foreigners. Not a bit of it is in the bible story. Bah, I

could go on, but I am afraid I am going to simply sound redundant.

The acting, costumes, and camera work are very good. Sorry they got

such short shrift in my review, but unfortunately the way the story was

completely ruined in favor of some short-sighted effort to make pablum

with broad appeal, it was hard to give credit where it was due.