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Old Yeller 1957

A boy brings a yellow dog home. The dog loves the family as much as they love him, but can the love last...

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'Old Yeller' is a children's film about a family in the wild west of America who find a yellow dog. The story is about companionship between the loner dog and the family members: young Arliss and his older brother Travis and their mother. The film is filled with adventure involving the dangerous wildnerness. In the process of protecting the family, Old Yeller gets falls ill and things look pretty bad for a while, but the film ends happily. The follow-up to this film is 'Savage Sam', about another dog and the same family and being kidnapped by a native American tribe. 'Savage Sam' was not as good as this film, however.

I would recommend 'Old Yeller' to children. I loved watching this when I was younger, and this was a film that I watched over many times and probably knew the script by heart at one time. Highly enjoyable for children, and it has some good life morals and plenty of adventure.
This is a good movie. Technical aspects are great, acting believable and naturalistic, and story moves along at nice place. There's nothing condescending or cutesy here, and plot point of the kid trying to playing grown up (i.e. Tommy Kirk as man of the house while his father's away) is played without traps that so many coming-of-age filns falls into: In this boy's world, being an adult is about working and taking responsibility, not sneaking drugs, and experimenting with sex. Also messages were woven nicely into the script, not tacked on and rammed over you head. Something kids and adults can appreciate.
Here's another film rating.
A fine family film with the usual excellent production from Disney. Very well made, Dorothy Maguire does a fine job. Very moving. Great score.
a disney classic about a boy who brings home a stray dog. this one has a sad ending

Old Yeller (1957)

Old Yeller is one of the better Disney live action classics. I grew up with this movie and I think it's a great family movie. No one can forget the ending of this movie.
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