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@SparkyKarl One of my very favorites! I want a red stapler!
If you want a good laugh from start too finish, Watch this and you wont be disappointed.
yes, watch it...its a mike judge movie, 'nough said
@Drjeebus One of my faves too. A friend happened to post a clip on Facebook this morning, prompting me to watch it again. Genius film! Love the stapler!
Love this movie, one of my favorites. Buddies at work quote it all the time. "Sounds like someone has a case of the Monday's...."
After Reloaded, we watched Office Space which continued to be absolutely brilliant.
Have you seen the movie Office Space? That is my life now. Here is the evidence:

-I work in a cubicle
-I have 4 bosses
-I sit in front of a computer all day
-I have a "Swingline" stapler
-I get asked to work saturdays at the last minute
-I'll burn down the building if i can't write a program to take the corporation for millions.

I love this movie, i like it even more now. "It's funny because it's true". It's that sad kind of funny that people with too much compassion won't let themselves laugh at.

I'm a "work monitor" for Beer Creek Corporation. It's only been going on for a little while and the job is over by January, so most likely i won't really burn down the building. I don't know computers, so not much chance of writing a progam either.
This movie kicks ass! thats all that needs to be said!
I just rewatched Office Space for about the tenth time, and I'm just here to say that this is one of the few comedies of recent years that stands up to repeated viewing. Now, I've never worked in a corporate office, and I don't intend to, but all the cubicle denizens I know insist that this is a spot-on satire, and it's very funny even if you haven't had the firsthand experience necessary to identify with the characters. Peter Gibbons, played by Ron Livingston with an unassuming smirk, is a 21st century white-collar everyman, and his rebellion against the idiotic minutiae of office politics, Byzantine corporate procedures, and TPS reports is a a sort of Kafka-esque existential struggle turned on its ear, to hilarious effect. The dialogue is very funny (and endlessly quotable), the supporting characters all memorable (especially Gary Cole as Peter's unctuous boss, Dietrich Bader as his hilariously lowbrow construction worker neighbor, and John C. McGinley and Paul Willson as a pair of jovially ruthless consultants ), and the plot pingpongs from one absurdist dilemma to another, launching satirical needles all the way. One especially inspired scene involves Peter and his coworkers stuck in a traffic jam on their way to work; it begins the film, providing the opening metaphorical salvo in the barrage to follow. Another depicts the frustrated office workers busting up a malfunctioning copier with a baseball bat while loud, violent rap music blares on the soundtrack; it is both a hysterical parody of similar scenes in gangster films like Goodfellas and a Luddite swipe at the notion of technology as the magic elixir of office productivity. This film is an inspired satire, with outstanding rewatch value. One for the DVD collection.
Whoever the man was that came up with the idea for bagel chips (the roasted garlic flavor) I'd like to shake his hand. These things are awesome. I've sat here these past 20 minutes and eaten half a bag and could eat the rest if I were a monkey who lived strictly on impulse and practiced no self control... but alas I am not a monkey, I am a man who is worried about impressing people with my physique, so I choose to eat only half a bag of bagel chips instead of a whole bag.

Mark and Sandi rock. They gave me a slide, picks, and a big box o' cocoa for Christmas. Oh, and a pin that says "Midgets Rule" I like it, even though it's from that evil corporate cash cow Hot Topic. At least they weren't getting any of my money... and that's fine by me.

Oh, yeah. I was decently impressed by Return of the King. The only major complaint I have is the total omission of Saruman... I was really looking forward to the part where Gandalf totally makes Saruman his bitch (read the books if you haven't... there's only three of them, and they're shorter and better than Harry Potter.)

Mark and I played guitars for a bit tonight... I'm getting excited about actually starting to make music I like to listen to. Then, Robles, Spicy and I got to witness Mark go off on another one of his awesome tangents about God. This one was about demonic powers, deliverances, and possession all of which tied into spiritual warfare which is a concept Mark "truthfully believes in" It's fun hearing him talk.

I've had 5 seven layer burritos in the last 3 days.

OK Jeanetta, you can have the internet.
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