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@LordInfamous I went through the same thought process,everyone I know who saw it said it was terrible.I actually really enjoyed it too.
After watching this if you will remember something forever it will be "F@ck you Sally"
That was pretty cool.
Absolutely fabulous
I loved the futuristic feel of this movie. Tom Cruise is the lead, yes, but he's a great actor. He doesn't disappoint in these roles.
Here's the problem...... It has Tom Cruise in it!
Great movie. Exciting, story has plenty of twists and unexpected moments, and good character development. 8/10
@Nt2727 LOL! I feel the same however after reading your comment I too will give it a shot.
Great movie. I was hesitant at first to watch this because Tom Cruise and his Scientology BS overshadows the fact that he is a great actor.
great movie, one of my sci fi favorites
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