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@mykl wow he did, didn't he... great catch and here i thought i was Tom Cruise 101.. sweeet :)
@iwanawatch and he died in Taps
@iwanawatch actually he dies in Collateral, he's the bad guy.
This movie could have been a lot greater without the scientology freak Tom Cruise....Otherwise good Sci-Fi flick , amazing CGI, a nice watch.
ok movies cant anything else
@iwanawatch lol tom cruise never dies in any movies and he doesnt age in real life
@iwanawatch i definitely see your point though... haha.. I would say Cruise Veto's death scenes... lol... and at the end of Samurai it is left to the viewer to decide if he lived and how.
his newest film, The Edge of Tomorrow, it is actually based on him dying and then reliving battle to get better and better.. so yep he likes the last word.. hehe ;p
@iwanawatch... Valkyrie and Collateral
Tom Cruise never dies in any of his movies except the last samurai if im wrong please send me a pm about it because I would like to know.
I really liked this movie and the ending really surprised me.
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