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Oblivion 2013

A veteran assigned to extract Earth's remaining resources begins to question what he knows about his mission and himself...

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Imdb rating: 7

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Here's the problem...... It has Tom Cruise in it!
Great movie. Exciting, story has plenty of twists and unexpected moments, and good character development. 8/10
i liked this movie a well made one :P .. 7/10 :D good story line, good effects, good acting.
Amazing Movie, If you like Scifi movies then this is something for you
@Nt2727 LOL! I feel the same however after reading your comment I too will give it a shot.
Great movie. I was hesitant at first to watch this because Tom Cruise and his Scientology BS overshadows the fact that he is a great actor.
great movie, one of my sci fi favorites
@Themovieadviser lol!
I kspt putting off this movie because of all the negative things I had heard. I finally decided to go ahead a give it a watch,and I can say that I'm very glad I did. This was a pretty good Sci-Fi movie. I really enjoyed this, and I will definately watch again in the future.
+Superior sci-fi flick!
Great watch for the family--tweens and teens...hunker down with snacks, it's kind of long but not at all boring.
Must see!