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In the future everyone'll refer to this as The ninja movie. Wait a minute, that's now.
@Shadow46 Yes it is! This makes a great double feature with Warrior's Way.
You have to love eye candy Rain......."I meant his fight scenes"
Naomie did her bit ...... she can act .... never fails.
Looking for a movie to watch.....this is it....pure entertainment ....won't disappoint.
Beware......Gorryyyy and Bloodyyy, is an understatement.
Definitely a "Beer, Homies and Hookup Movie"
Good Beat Em up movie..Sure
I actually watched this movie a wile back ago and it had some pretty epic scenes i would recommend to anyone 7.0
@Elfkin No problem..haha. This is awesome. Just went through my 4th viewing the other day. It's a good one to watch when you're stumped on what to watch, and I think it actually gets a little better each time. Since Hollywood is soooo bored with original thinking nowadays (with the remakes, and all), a sequel to this would be awesome.
So awesome. Start to end ^^
Amazing action scenes, great movie!
@Darthintrepid Watched this on your recommendation and it didn't disappoint, good shout Darth.
If you like this you might like the anime ultra violent film 'Fist of the North Star' (not to be confused with the porno film with a similar title).
Loved it, great movie
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