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Intense drama and incredible in every way on a technical level. The plot however is devastating, hopeless and beautiful. This film left me pondering the likelihood of similar schools/farms. It is a far too realistic and probable prediction for the near future.
Good film, more about two friends than it is a Romance. Very melancholy story.
The movie is great but comparing to the book, it appears to be only ok. I thank the director to have adapted to cinema such a wonderful story. After watching the movie, I bought the book, read it, finished it. It was just heart-breaking.
Well made and very well acted, but depressing. I thought there would be hints of a rebellion at the end, but there was just an unsatisfying resignation.
If you've seen The Island with Scarlet Johannsen, this has a similar theme, but this one is grim.
This was a very good but also a very sad movie.
They have a soul and spirit (there was love and emotions)...this is a prime example of what happens when someone is raised/indoctrinated to a certain philosophy or lifestyle, with no exposure to any alternatives. When i think back on the movie, were they even being educated at the school?
This should serve as a lesson, not to just follow - but to question and push the boundaries of our reality. Yes, i would have liked to have seen rebellion - it would have had a very different ending....once they took that chip out of their wrist. ;-)
Certainly a sensitive and thought provoking film.
normal i am not in to romance but this one was great 10 out of 10
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