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Never Back Down 2008

At his new high school, a rebellious teen is lured into an underground fight club, where he finds a mentor in a mixed martial arts veteran...

Release Date:
March 14, 2008
110 min
Jeff Wadlow ...
Evan Peters, Leslie Hope, Kristin Popelka, Djimon Hounsou, Sean Faris, Amber Heard, Cam Gigandet, Wyatt Smith, Affion Crockett, Neil Brown Jr., Lauren Leech, Tilky Jones, Steven Crowley, Tom Nowicki, David Zelon, Chris Lindsay, Kyle Sabihy, Patric Knutsson, Cameron Francis, Jeremy Palko, Antony Matos, Daniel Hernandez, Justin A. Williams, Jon McIntosh, Chele André, David J. Perez, Jocelyn Binder, Deon Stein, Steve Zurk, Reed Baumgarten, Devin Higgins, Jennifer L. Miller, Delphine French, Angel Hernandez, Rachael Thompson, Ryan Frank Rayonec, Ryan Watson, Joop Katana, Frank Santore III, Joseph Cortez, Craig Raboteau, Daniel Lovette, Tony Fuh, Jonathan Eusebio, Peter Allende, Remington Reed, Josh Mueller, Shawn Aarons, Marc Carasello, Kei Leong, Kristin Mellian, Tom Myers, David W. Scott, Ilya Jonathan Zaydenberg, Chris Adler, Robie Alan, Shawn Banks, Colin Bowman, Michael Brzeski, Nancy Molimis, Chris Byrne, Chris Cavallaro, Ricky Dunlop, Jen Halbert, David How, Leonard Iacono, Bjorn Jiskoot Jr., Jesse Kozel, Nathena Lewis, Douglas Lopez, John Archer Lundgren, Eric Mentis, Levon Mergian, Freddie T. Mitchell, Tony Morales, Jennifer Paige Moralez, Craig Myers, Aaron Pushkar, Summer Raine, Danny Rawley, Christian Roberts, Michael Rummel, AJ Semiday, Mason Sharrow, Milissa Sears, Chris Tharp, Kara Turner, Andy Ussach, Aries Marvin Uzzle, Marnie Van der Burgt, Wolfgang Weber, Stacy Westbrook, Jasmine Burke, Rod Grant, Regina Ramirez, Joanne Spracklen, Tiffany Marshall, Steven Winfree, Wolfgang Weber, Sean Molnar, Joyce Kirkconnell, Steven Blincoe, Randi Krasny, Elissa Kapneck, Shannon Rose, Roy Williams Jr., Joe Williams, Scott Mena, Bradley Walkowiak, Brad Hamerly, Joseph Cortez, Sam Finkle ...
Drama, Action, Sport ...

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Solar rating: 8.5


Imdb rating: 6.6

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great movie.. like the moves and also the great actor from the gladiator Djimon Housnsou..
ha fighting like achilles. achilles fought to become immortel (in which he succeeded by the way illias is still read) not for peace or any other reason he knew he would die at troy
Never Back Down is a great fighting and action movie! It stars Sean Faris playing as a temperamental foot ball player from out of town going to a new school. He gets into a "sparing match" with actor Cam Gigandet and is beaten. He wants to beet this mixed martial artist so goes to a martial arts school. He trains for a wile and enters a tournament to beat his opponent. You will have to find out who wins yourself. There is much more to the movie but you will have to see it yourself. Never Back Down was a great and inspiring movie to me as a martial artist and as a boy in today's society.

no no no.... NO
I would recommend this movie if you are wanting to see something that gets your adrenaline pumping. Guys would love to go see it because it is a guy movie that not only gets your blood flowing but also keeps you telling yourself "I want to go kick someons butt right now."
Hello again this is Ryan Rushing from I AM HOLLYWOOD -- KOK movie reviews. I have just seen the film Never Back Down, and I have to say that this film was not for me. I did not like this film there was only one good thing about the film, well two good things, one Djimon Hounsou and number two was they end. I thought this film had bad acting, besides for Djimon, everone else sucked. The director had some really bad camera angles and some shit that I couldn't even tell what was going on. The story line was just blah. I mean it was just so plan and blah. I could tell this film was towards someone who didn't care about what they are wacthing and just wanted to see some fighting scenes. I was soooo board during the middle and the begging and by the time the end came along it was too late to save the film. A film has to have a good begging, middle and a good end it can't just have one to be called a good film. An I am not saying the ending was great I am saying they end was the best part. I would encourage you to not see this film thinking it will have a good story or and good acting. This film has nether good acting or a good story. If you just want to waste 8$ to see something you will not remember the next day then see this film but if you want to save that money and spend it on something you will remember for years on then PLEASE do that. I would give this movie a pass and 25/100.
:rotten: :rotten: (out of four)

Harkening back to the 1980's teen bully revenge flicks, Never Back Down packs a punch, but that's about it. With todays slick editing and potent filming the film looks better and is given more credit than it deserves. Underneath is tiresome story that has been filmed over and over and over again.

Sean Faris starts and a troubled teen who moves to Orlando with his family. He immediately gets into trouble when he is humiliated by the school's top ultimate fighting bully. He plots revenge with the help of a master fight instructor played by Djimon Hounsou.

What follows is predictable and leads to an inevitable fight tournament feature our hero and villain.

Sean Faris struts his good looks and pumped body like a young Tom Cruise and fits with what is expected of him. Not surprising, Djimon Hounsou adds a level of class in the best charatcer in the film.

Never Back Down has plenty of energy and plenty of violence, but when it comes to story it is sadly underdeveloped.
This one surprised me! Modern, funny, story was a bit on the light side, but good emotions were present. Not an epic, but definately worth the $8.

Nice to see the classic, good guy vs. bad guy, in the real world scenario come back with a punch
One of the worst movies to ever come out, if my friends weren't extra's in it I would have never saw it. There was shitty camera work, random zooms in the middle of shots that looked like shit. The story didn't make sense either. The guy is suppose to be in high school and his dad died from driving drunk home from a bar which he was at with him. The kid feels like it is his fault he let his dad drive drunk died. My questions are why is a high school kid at a bar with his dad, and why didn't he die if the wreck was so bad?

Besides the eye candy in the movie, the fight scenes were ridiculous. Any fan of MMA will watch this movie in disgust. The fights are so unrealistic. The only good parts are when he is training.

This movie is awful, it's as simple as that. :rotten:
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