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National Treasure 2004

A historian races to find the legendary Templar Treasure before a team of mercenaries...

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Imdb rating: 6.9

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Really good movie even years later!
One of Cages better movies. I love movies like this! Adventure, Action and history telling.

Great Movie Lots Of Action Great Family Movie

I Really Enjoyed The Movie I love How Ben Kidknapped The President That Was So Smart Great Movie

History lesson, drama, a roller coaster of events, great acting, what more could you ask for? Overall give it an 80/100 (could've been a little less predictable, you can pretty much tell what's going to happen before you even pop the movie in the DVD player..)
One of my favorite movies - I can watch it again and again. Is it a movie that will enlighten you about the lives of the founding fathers, or that should have won an Oscar? No. Is it wildly entertaining and fun to watch? COMPLETELY! Nicolas Cage and Justin Bartha work well with each other, and their rapport brings this film to bigger heights than one would expect. Everyone should watch this movie at least once. It won't be considered one of the great American classics, not by a long shot, but it makes for one heck of an entertaining movie!
silly indiana clone that is neither as clever or interesting. the plot is boring and the characters never add anything new to the proceedings.
The plot was interesting to say the least, but highly unlikely. This movie would pass for a first time viewing. But, after that, there wouldn't be very many surprises left to find.
Nicolas Cage at his finest! Haha ok I'm just kidding, but National Treasure is definitely entertaining despite its fable like hunt. I'd recommend the movie if you haven't seen it, but probably only to the open minded.
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