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My Name Is Khan 2010

An Indian Muslim man with Asperger's syndrome takes a challenge to speak to the President seriously, and embarks on a cross-country journey...

Release Date:
February 12, 2010
165 min
Karan Johar ...
Shah Rukh Khan, Don Abernathy, John Clerkin, Zachary Culbertson, Carl Marino, Montgomery Paulsen, Christopher Sugarman, Thomas W. Stewart, David Alan Poe, Frederick Keith Johnson, Isa Magomedov, Jeff Redlick, David Pearl, Ethynn Tanner Cerney, Kristen Marie Holly, Janis Jones, Kathleen M. Darcy, Christopher B. Duncan, Joel Schmidt, Tanay Chheda, James D. Weston II, Shane Harper, Vinay Pathak, Kajol, Len Anderson IV, Jennifer Echols, Joe Bucaro III, Mel Fair, Benny Nieves, Brent Mendenhall, Reed Rudy, Retson Ross, Fred Fein, Alyssa Petersen, Basilina Butler, Timothy Roberts, Ann Scott, Carol Shook, Christine Quynh Nguyen, Arjun Mathur, Mackenzie Firgens, Douglas Tait, Navneet Nishan, Marcus D. Spencer, Tracy Weisert, Duane Ram, Diana M. Kim, Sienna Sky, Jimmy Shergill, Steve Dakota, Ron Provencal, Daniel Lee, Mick Lea, Nancy Duerr, Stuart G Murphy, Jackie Honea, Michael Patrick Breen, Adrian Bustamante, Brian Sampson, Kari Wishingrad, Jeffrey T Ferguson, Parvin Dabas, Rick Mischke, Liz Anderson, Leslie Thurston, Victor M. Slone, Nicolas Pajon, Birol Tarkan Yildiz, Jim Gaines, Michael William Arnold, Steffany Huckaby, Tonya Lee Williams, Cabran E. Chamberlain, Mark S. Porro, Doran Reed, Catherine Kim Poon, Kenton Duty, Michele Marsh, Sugandha Garg, Kenyon Page, Awele Makeba, Christopher Villar, Jenne Kang, Sumeet Raghvan, Allen Pontes, Sean Grady, Todd Hedrick, Brett Glazer, Courtney Gebhart, Harmony Blossom, Sheetal Menon, Sonya Jehan, Arif Zakaria, Kevin Oestenstad, Dominic Renda, Laurence Brown, Mike Howard, Marquis Scott, Brittany Disston, Willoughby Charles Jenett, Bennie Bell, Jacqueline Buda, Sheila Cavalette, Goldie Chan, Tara R. Cook, Patrick J. Crabb, Rachael Ferris, Dominic Flores, Teresa Guewell, Ilona Marino, Kyle Hamon, Timothy Hinson, Kevin Jessup, Katie A. Keane, David Dustin Kenyon, Jeremy Kilpatrick, Connie Chung Kim, Bonnie Kolber, Jennifer Linkous, Theresa Marie Lynch, Paul Meyer, Jesse Muick, George Q. Nguyen, Ajani Perkins, Tom Portanova, Anthony Santana, Aleeza Solowitz, Jeff Solowitz, Monique Soltani, Mike Stahl, Alexi Torres, Adrian Kali Turner, Zarina Wahab, Patrick Weil, Danny Wilson, Julien Zuccolin, S.M. Zaheer, Waymond Lee, Jeremy Nahmiash, Kavin Dave, Laura Meadows, Mark Lavell, Natasha Marc, Pallavi Sharda, Martin Andris, Tarun Mansukhani, A'Ali de Sousa, Beth Bemis, Will James Johnson, Joseph Zinsman, Jai Kishen Bhatia, Arnav Chhapwale, Meena Sonavane, Faroukh Mehta, Abhin Mudgal, Mickey Mokhi, Manoj Amarnani, Laxmi Baneja, Pamela Broyles, Shannon Clark, Thomas Dalby, Christopher Damm, Joan Estrada, Krystal MacKnight, Julie McKinnon, Steve C. Porter, Speir Rahn, Emily Seaman, Davi Silveira, Vijay Badlani, Micky Makhija, Jon Mercurio Knight, James Seaman, Aubrey K. Miller, Erika Pearson, Veronica Loud, Arjan Aujla, Yuvaan Makar, Juan Simmons, Sarfaraz, Aryan Desai, Farroukh Mehta, Adarsh Gourav, Jaikishen Bhatia, Nathalie Tedrick, Henry Schiaeffer, Lorell Bird, Daniel Lee, Yaana Makar, Nate Sil, Susie Sahar Sabry, Adam Park, Chirag Dave, Faisal Simon, Josene Honea, Nanka Becko, Laxmi Baveja, Richard Rubin, John Lane, Don Simmons, Timothy Roberts, Anne Marie Scottlin, Steven Lindo, Patrick D Bridges, Dani Bocca, Donna Cederlund ...
Drama, Thriller, Romance ...

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Solar rating: 9.1


Imdb rating: 8


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I like this movie a lot & I love so much Shahrukh Khan.




"My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist" - this is what Rizwan Khan wants to tell the President of the United States of America and you join him in his journey from the moment the film starts. Gripping, heartrending and moving, My Name Is Khan (MNIK) is director, Karan Johar's best film till date with career best performances by the lead pair, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. The film has its flaws from the cinematic point of view but who is interested in all that crap! My Name Is Khan goes straight for your heart and affects you emotionally; it makes a statement that is not new but is made in a bold manner; it is a film that will make history.

Shah Rukh Khan plays Rizwan Khan, a Muslim man suffering from Asperger Syndrome* who loves his wife, Mandira (Kajol) to death; though he does not like to talk about death. Their world is full of love and happiness but it all changes after the 9/11 attacks. Tragedy strikes and they drift apart; and Khan embarks on a seemingly impossible journey to meet the President and win back his love.

Written by Shibani Bhathija, MNIK is a brave film with an unusual plot that hopefully will encourage other film makers to try something new and relevant. Overall, the film has an arresting screenplay that falters a bit in the second half but in the end it all comes together. Hats off to Karan Johar for handling the script so well that could have become quite preachy; with this film he moves away from his usual candy-floss style (though not entirely) but remembers that it has to be entertaining as well.

Shah Rukh and Kajol once again prove that they truly are the best on-screen pair, which makes their love story extremely convincing and endearing. Kajol is simply outstanding as a strong woman of substance who goes through a lot of ups and downs in her life. Shah Rukh Khan disappears from the film after the opening credits as you do not notice the star but only Rizwan Khan. The film also boasts of a fine supporting cast with Sonya Jehan (as Hasina, Khan's sister-in-law), Zarina Wahab (as Khan's mother) and child actors, Tanay Chheda (as young Khan), Yuvaan Makar (as Sameer, Mandira and Khan's son) and Kenton Duty (as Reese, Sameer's best friend) delivering good performances.

Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy's music goes extremely well with the mood of the film. Not the usual chart-busters, the Sufi style songs are soulful and grow on you as you watch the film. While 'Sajda...' became an instant hit during the promotions of the film, 'Tere Naina...' is the song you take with you after leaving the theatre. Ravi K Chandran's cinematography is brilliant and so is the editing by Deepa Bhatia. Manish Malhotra (styling) and Mickey Contractor (make-up) make Kajol look fabulous.

My Name Is Khan is about love, tolerance and peace; it is easily one of the most significant films in the recent times. Go watch it and you would find yourself rooting for Khan, laughing with him and crying for him.
cinematically beautiful. heart wrenching story. Shahrukh Khan and Kajol never fails to give the viewers what they want and more.
This is a fantastic film about love, innocence, people, and life. It teaches you to fight for whats right and the truth! Shah Rukh Khans performance was brilliant and absolutely inspiring. Better than Slumdog Millionaire in not only acting and directing, but story as well! Take your friends and family to see this film, and remember a tissue because you will be laughing and crying throughout the film!
This is a most unusual movie that I really wanted to like, and at times it's impossible not to like. But overall I found it to be like an Indian Tyler Perry movie: soap opera-like melodrama that nevertheless hooked me right away. You have to feel for star Shahrukh Khan who is a likeable lead actor, even if you can't help but be reminded of Dustin Hoffman in "Rainman". At times, his performance almost evoked Pee Wee Herman. But you follow the guy and his story. And his co-star, Kajol, is radiantly beautiful. But certain scenes just feel phony, the worst offender being the final scene where Khan finally meets "Obama". There's no emotional pay-off there this this long journey. All the scenes in Georgia have that same phony, feel-good feel to them and none of them work. But there is a lot to like here, enough for me to give the film a slight recommendation.
If you can overlook the melodrama and contrived situations, it' a compelling look at anti-Muslim paranoia in post 9/11 USA. Shahrukh gets out of his comfort zone and captures the body language and social ineptitude of a mentally challenged person with sincerity. The chemistry between him and Kajol is still magical, even in a story far more serious than they have ever done before. The story is the age old morality tale of good versus evil, the good suffering but ultimately victorious retold in streets and small towns of the US. Karan Johar tries to do something different from his typical pop-corn entertainers and gives us a moving story about hatred and prejudice and the healing power of love for humanity. However, I wish he could have edited out an hour of the film, including the miraculous rescue of Wilhelmina, GA, and the appearance of President Obama!
Its not a movie on terrorism,no no no no,its not. Its purely on humanity. Pace of movie is excellent & so is the direction. You feel connected to the movie from the very start. Second half of the movie blows you away. Music of film is very original. There's a sufi favor in its music which is used after a long time in any bollywood film. Shahrukh's performance as Rizwan Khan cant be described in words. Only he could have done this. Kajol as always looked gorgeous & complements srk very well. But it has to be said that it was Karan's direction because of which movie rocks. In a very entertaining manner he conveys a very strong message. Must watch film
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