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That was one good movie. Great story plot that holds up.
GREAT movie. Kevin Costner as a serial killer is surprising and sense he did a great job it makes the movie way better. Its like when Tom Hanks plays a gangster in Road to Perdition. I didn't think he could do it but did he pull it off........YUP.
Absolutely loved this movie. Kevin Cos, Demi Moore, and Dane Cook. Random cast but I'm a fan of each. Another one that I prolonged to watch then forgot about but I'm glad it was uploaded and I came across it 8/10
I really enjoyed the outcome for Dane Cook's character lol.
wow Great Movie ! Worth watching 8/10
If you haven't seen this, and like a good thriller, I definitely recommend it. Fantastic film, the story, acting and direction all come together nicely.
Kevin Costner & William Hurt. Craving a dark story that has a bit of twisted morality? NOT your "A-Typical" slash n trash type of movie. Worth a watch. 7.7 in my book.
This was a much more 3-dimentional movie then i was expecting... It was very well developed and entertaining and will keep you wondering just what will happen to Mr. Brooks... but the end is where I have a problem... there was a part there at the end when i thought it was just going to end and be weak, then BAM!!!! But then it does something that made me think it was weak again so i dunno whether or not to like it very well, but the movie as a whole was worth the watch...

I'm very skeptical about big budget thrillers these days--in fact I usually hate them-- I have to say this film shocked me. It was seriously scary but most of all, original, like an indie (swear!) and unpredictable--these days something usually has give in movies--either plot or performances -I'm also not a fan of dane cook's but he proved not only that he can be a serious actor, but he really held his own in this movie. my favorite performances were actually Dane's and William Hurts. I would check this out!
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