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Absolutely loved this movie. Kevin Cos, Demi Moore, and Dane Cook. Random cast but I'm a fan of each. Another one that I prolonged to watch then forgot about but I'm glad it was uploaded and I came across it 8/10
I really enjoyed the outcome for Dane Cook's character lol.
wow Great Movie ! Worth watching 8/10
If you haven't seen this, and like a good thriller, I definitely recommend it. Fantastic film, the story, acting and direction all come together nicely.
Kevin Costner & William Hurt. Craving a dark story that has a bit of twisted morality? NOT your "A-Typical" slash n trash type of movie. Worth a watch. 7.7 in my book.
This was a much more 3-dimentional movie then i was expecting... It was very well developed and entertaining and will keep you wondering just what will happen to Mr. Brooks... but the end is where I have a problem... there was a part there at the end when i thought it was just going to end and be weak, then BAM!!!! But then it does something that made me think it was weak again so i dunno whether or not to like it very well, but the movie as a whole was worth the watch...

I'm very skeptical about big budget thrillers these days--in fact I usually hate them-- I have to say this film shocked me. It was seriously scary but most of all, original, like an indie (swear!) and unpredictable--these days something usually has give in movies--either plot or performances -I'm also not a fan of dane cook's but he proved not only that he can be a serious actor, but he really held his own in this movie. my favorite performances were actually Dane's and William Hurts. I would check this out!
I really want Kevin Costner to do well with his career. He is handsome and comes across charming in most of his movies. Unfortunately, this movie was a bad choice. It has too many plot twists that are not necessary in the film.
Demi Moore is not a good actress. One of her lines is "See you later, Alligator". Hello! My grandfather said that to me when I was seven!
I can see where the script might have looked good on paper, but the film couldn't seem to decide if it was a comedy, a thriller, or a drama. I was laughing at some points, shrugging at others, and looking in bewilderment most of the time.
Basically, this film was a mess...and Dane Cook was a horrible choice for one of the main roles.
Mr. Brooks Review

Rating: 8.2/10
Rated: R
Starring: Kevin Costner, William Hurt, Demi Moore, Dane Cook, and Danielle Panabaker
Genre: Thriller/Drama
My Grade: B

Kevin Costner gives one of his best performances in "Mr. Brooks", a film about a regular ol' dad who happens to be a serial killer. This 2-hour film crams so much into its running length, that it has barely any chance to keep up, but this makes for a non-stop thrill ride that doesn't dissapoint. When Kevin Costner and his concious (played by William Hurt) go at it, thats when
"Mr. Brooks" shines, both of the actors have extreme chemisry that makes the film seem absolutely original. Dane Cook is unsurprisingly annoying and its a shame, because his character is interesting, but the comedian has no idea how to create a character. Moore is strong in her role as an empowering cop, and Danielle Panabaker is extremely creepy (in a good way) as Mr. Brooks' troubled daughter.

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I loved this movie. I can't give it a 9, because there were too many subplots, "the hanger" one especially was excessive, and a lot of the sequences with the ex-husband/lawyer were cliched and overdramatized, and the action sequences were oftentimes not directed and filmed very well. The premise, the dialogue, and the intense study of Costner and his wicked inner self (Hurt) is set up in such a refreshing and engaging manner that this movie will be ringing in my head for days. Movies like this are why I continue to spend hundreds of dollars on the theaters and rental stores every year. This is a new kind of movie, the direction I've been waiting for film to take, a realistic and horrific twist into the action genre. Hints of Tarentino are sprinkled throughout, but with more seriousness, more wit, more control, and more intelligence. Aside from the crucial flaws I mentioned, this movie is incredible. Costner is doing good things for himself, and good things for me too.