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Excellent movie.
I'm with Deerwatcher - I think the Rotten Tomatoes score is a little inflated. I enjoyed it, but I didn't think it was Wes Anderson's best. And let's be clear, you need to at least like Wes Anderson films to enjoy this. If you think the Royal Tenenbaum's and it's ilk are not your cup of tea I do not think this will change your mind.
This film goes directly to the preadolescent must see films at the very top with Goonies aside.
Excellent film.
this is a good little movie, but not for everyone.
very funny. subtle sight gags (and obvious ones). tongue-in-cheek social statements. superb camera work and editing. a blend of david lynch, the cohen bros., norman rockwell and mad magazine. had to back it up frequently to see what we'd missed while in hysterics.
This movie was weird and hard to understand at some points, but it was cute and I loved it. The relationship between Sam and Suzy was certainly something to envy.
Kara Hayward(Suzy) was only 12 in this movie, I wouldn't think that kissing and wearing such little clothing would be permitted in her case. She was very pretty though, she looks older in this film.

another great original wes anderson flick

This was a great film! Best of the genre in a long time.

Beautiful Movie! Well worth a watch.

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