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Men in Black 3 2012

Agent J travels in time to M.I.B.'s early days in 1969 to stop an alien from assassinating his friend Agent K and changing history...

Release Date:
May 25, 2012
106 min
Barry Sonnenfeld ...
Geoffrey Cantor, Ben Mac Brown, Adam Mucci, Yuri Lowenthal, Chuck Schanamann, David Adam Smith, Mike Colter, Nicole Scherzinger, Kevin Covais, Lanny Flaherty, Barry Sonnenfeld, Joe D'Onofrio, Mark J. Parker, Josh Brolin, Will Arnett, David Rasche, Michael Stuhlbarg, Keone Young, Rip Torn, Robert Farrior, Tommy Lee Jones, Brad Abrell, Will Smith, Joseph R. Gannascoli, David Pittu, Roy William Gardner, Kimmy Suzuki, Bill Hader, Emma Thompson, Michael Jeremiah, Valence Thomas, Tom McComas, Darryl Reuben Hall, Lenny Venito, Joe Dolinsky, Loukas Papas, Jemaine Clement, Rick Baker, Douglas Crosby, Marti Matulis, Josh McBride, Tony Kost, Alpheus Merchant, Chloe Sonnenfeld, Kevin Townley, Ken Arnold, Rachel Black, Ian Blackman, Joe Mancini, Michael Donaldson, Stephanie Ellis, Alice Eve, Alex Ziwak, Dan Bittner, Rodney Jackson, Tobias Segal, Francesca Tedeschi, Jay Storey, Mike Pyle, James Martin Kelly, Will McLaughlin, Tyler Johnson, Anthony J. Gallo, Tim Burton, Michael Chernus, Clarke Thorell, Joseph M. Abbott, Liliane Klein, Gerritt Vandermeer, Victor Joel Ortiz, Raymond Mamrak, Woodie King Jr., Kirk Larsen, Nancy Ozelli, Stephen Brian Jones, Solima Arnold, Rosemary Howard, Justin Bieber, Jian, David Macerelli, Michelle Santiago, Ron S. Maestri, Peter Bond, Scott Churchson, Joseph Urban, David Cohen, Michelle Nagell, Susan Ringo, Todd Anthony, Charisse Matthews, Addison LeMay, Wesley Tunison, Frederick Piña, Dushawn Moses, Jeremy Beiler, Paul Jude Letersky, Tom Margiotta, Bocker T Labradoodle, Chris Gober, Joseph L. Rubino, Lady Gaga, Javier Rivera, Allen Holloway, Kati Rediger, Karin Agstam, Marcos Mateo Ochoa, Robin Ellsworth, Tyler Rumsey, Aprella, Walter DeForest, Benjamin Lott, Dorothy Meyers, Jamaal Stone, Nate Steinwachs, Jon Shaver, Jason Liles, Erin Lindsey Krom, John Zion, Randall McNeal, January Adams, Frank Amoruso, Andrew Ayala, Joel Brady, Brittany Natale, Stephen Cofield, Olan Montgomery, Perri Pierre, Steven Vigil, John Mitchell, Michael Dean, Alan Davis, Jack O'Connell, Sarah Grgic, Tony Joe, Michael C Hoaglin, Dennis Rees, Valentine Cris, Nick Lawrence, Jennifer Bartels, Jared Christopherson, Joseph Dimartino, Mike Holt, David Leviev, Chuck Lines, Liz Logan, Michael McDonald, Mark Perrone, Kevin Randleman, Sean Roman, Saba, Jane Taylor, Eha Urbsalu, Adrian Winther, Mela Hudson, Cayen Martin, Alexandra O'Hara, Violet O'Hara, Jonathan O'Hara, Joseph D'onofrio, Katy Frame, Charlie Barnett, Britt Johnson, Jared Johnston, Jonathan Drew, Amy Erwitt, Amanda Greer, Brandon Lee Harris, Jesse McDowell, Anne Vaccari, Coley Speaks, M.J. Dougherty, Mina Joo, Michael Connolly, Clem Cote, Adrian Gorbaliuk, Derek Michaels, Errol Laurie ...
Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi ...
USA, United Arab Emirates

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Solar rating: 8.5


Imdb rating: 6.9

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Is this the one where Will Smith makes a movie that -doesn't- suck?
I Love This Movie.
It was good and easy to follow and I love how everything matters
My favorite MIB by far. I loved it! Great story and I hope they keep making them.
Saw this in theaters great movie... I am a huge fan of Men in Black.. Aliens, cool guns, time travel, great stuff
deadhead rating 8.5/10

lol my bad. should have deleted that comment by now. the Putlocker link added by tuebrook is the best there in my opinion :)

Good entertainment. 7/10

I wasn't expecting to but I actually really enjoyed this, I loved the original when I was a kid and this was nicely nostalgic without ruining my memories like so many sequels.


Pity it didn't have the ending but, I enjoyed it none the less.

this is not good and people how take cams and ther phone a recored good movies should be shot

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