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Men in Black 1997

A streetwise NYPD detective joins a secret organization that polices extraterrestrial affairs on Earth...

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For the recent office holiday party, I bought Elv1s 30 #1 Hits and Elvis 2nd to None for the gift exchange. They were the kind of gifts I would have liked to have. Of course, I didn't get anything near as good - winding up with a cute little plush toy dog named Bobby. I traded Bobby for a stack of blank CDs that another co-worker received but couldn't use.

Then, the person who received the Elvi loaned the discs to another co-worker, and I borrowed them from her for the night. So I was listening to Elvis all night.

All the songs have been remastered I guess and seem to leap off the disc, especially That's All Right and a couple of other early songs.

The best cut of the bunch is Promised Land, which I've loved since I heard it on the soundtrack to Men in Black. "Elvis ain't dead son, he just went home."
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Uriah Heep: Take no prisoners/Free Spirit - $3

I love this movie. As a matter of fact, I think i'm going to watch it again pretty soon.
I think Will is a very good actor. He's funny, too. And I have one of his CD's. Man, is he talented.
So I saw I, Robot today.I thought it was the best movie so far this year, beating Spider-man 2. The FX's were awesome, it kept me guessing, and it was funny.The only problem, early on,we get to see Will's butt when he showers. Lovely.
I have Men In Black, and I watch it a lot. I love it.
The sequel wasn't quite as good, seeing as it had the same plot, and it less then 90 minutes long.
Wild Wild West was not very good.Mixing Western with Sci-Fi? Not Smart.
And Independence Day, the mother of all recent alien movies. Will Smith and Jeff Glodblum rocked.
Starting to scrape the barrell
this movie was great :) i loved it
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