"Spaz Spaz Spaz Spaz...." Summer camp was always hell. Cafeteria food, dirty cabins and living with people you don't like. Meatballs captures this perfectly. And every scene is filled with humorous bits left and right from start to finish. Bill Murry is at some of his best here. I hope my children will have as much an appreciating for this flick as I do. It's infectious, fun, and makes you WANT to go to a summer camp. And that's saying alot.
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Here's my first entry. I saw "Anchorman" last night, and it was damn funny. The only thing I didn't like about it was everything except for Will Ferrel (and actually Steve Carrell was good too, but a little beside the point). Then I started to think about other movies that were total garbage, except that they contained one incredibly funny actor who couldn't help but make the movie rad. I came up with... "Meatballs"... "Quick Change"... "The Man Who Knew Too Little"... hmmm.... Now that Bill Murray is Art Movie Bill Murray, I vote for Will Ferrel to take over being Regular Bill Murray.

Here's a little meditation to end on:

The idea that one day Bill Murray will be dead is at least as difficult to accept as the idea that one day I will be.
Here's another film rating.
A couple hilarious jokes won't save the boring, unoriginal, and plainly unfunny Meatballs.

Bill Murray runs a camp

An only child who feels neglected by his parents is dropped off for summer camp. The child feels like an outcast and struggles to get along with the other campers. One of the camp councilors, who behaves in an abstract manner himself, takes the kid under his wing and teaches him to fit in by being himself. As the summer progresses, the yearly games begin between rivals camps. The outcast kid will need to lead his camp past the rival campground.

"This is the 14 year old girl's cabin. They have the drive and equipment but they don't have the experience...and they better not get it from you guys; at least not this summer."

Ivan Reitman, director of Cannibal Girls, Stripes, Ghostbusters I & II, Legal Eagles, Twins, Kindergarten Cop, Junior, Evolution, and My Super Ex-Girlfriend, delivers Meatballs. The storyline for this film was okay but never really delivered any new content that grabbed my attention. Bill Murray, the abstract camp councilor, had a few well written and delivered lines, but nothing spectacular. I think Reitman hoped to deliver Bill Murray in this film in a similar fashion that John Landis delivered John Beluschi in Animal House. Unfortunately, Murray was not up for the task.

"Let's go get laid before the race."

Meatballs is a film that I remember liking a lot when I was a kid. I remembered liking this more than Meatballs II (with Meathead). Now, I'm not so sure. This film was nothing special overall and I was hoping for a lot more out of this film. To be honest, I would recommend Summer Vacation and the Great Outdoors over this film. Meatballs is worth watching but not worth owning.

"Jerk-off? I don't jerk-off."

Grade: C (5.5)
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