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Well I'm soon to be 64 and I still love this movie. Almost as cute as my little butt was when my avatar was taken sooooooooo many years ago
I can't help but wish that I was a kid again so I could sit in front of the tv for hours just watching this movie. Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke are too perfect.
I just watched my old tape of Mary Poppins yesterday. Wow! They don't make movies like this anymore. It soundly deserves a place in my top ten movies. The movie weaves a spell around your heart with its delightful songs and even more delightful characters. It entertains kids without pandering to them. It's pure magic. The movie isn't just about Mary Poppins herself. It's also about Mr. Banks and the sound lesson he learns at the end of the movie.
Fantastic fun.

this is really incredible , every time you watch it.

Julie Andrews is fantastic - she is the best.

this is a great film for everyone , any age as they would of seen it when they where young and still apperciate it
I just had to add this to my page. I don't have any major review to do of it, just a few comments.

This is a 40 year old film and because of that one would think that it would date itself as such. Not one bit! Because of the setting it's placed in it maintains its victorian image and doesn't suffer at all because of the ensuing years. I watched the film on DVD not long ago. Apparently Disney has released a 40th Anniversary special edition with all kinds of extras. That's a bonus, but what I love is the film. We have the DVD and I watch it whenever the need for bright, happy, enjoyable fun overtakes me. The wonder of the film is that even the characters, and the actors playing the characters, seem to be enjoying themselves. Ah, my... a brighter, simpler time! This is one film that is a classic, always enjoyable, and suited for watching any time.

I've leave you with this, from the film, which sums it up:

'Just as I thought. 'Mary Poppins, practically perfectly in every way.'

(Watch this space. Next I hope to review a film that you won't find on Rotten Tomatoes, but which every student of 20th Century history, or anyone who lived through the sixties and seventies and likes history will really like to see. It's groovy!)
This is a nicely entertaining film with a good message. Combining live action effects, animation, and well cast actors, the film is full of laughs and has a little bit of something for everyone. The soundtrack is excellent with several very recognizable tunes coming from it.

The end is very touching when Mr. Banks suddenly realizes his concerns have been out of whack. Others in the film seem to think he's lost his mind but we viewers smile knowing that he's sane; he's just finally figured everything out.
'Mary Poppins' has managed to entertain children for decades with its imaginative story, quirky characters, and musical score including unforgetable favourites like 'A Spoonful of Sugar' and 'Let's Go Fly a Kite'. This film is about a nanny who comes to take care of two small children who have a strict father who works all the time. The children learn to make the best out of life while doing even the dullest tasks, and at one point in the film, they are whisked away to a magical world in a sidewalk painting where they sing and dance. This is one of Disney's most entertaining films, and it is no wonder that children are still growing up having watched this (or had the opportunity to watch this) film. I recommend this film to children, and it is also the sort of film that adults can watch with their children.
the always elegant and beautiful julie andrews is on the screen for her oscar winning performance (the only actor/actress to ever win for a disney film). i love this musical, this is a good one unlike oklahoma or west side story, the music is horribly cheesy the acting is wonderful and dick van dykes accent is awful but it just makes it better. its one of the few disney movies i love to watch.

Accompanying this film's influence is an excellent story full of interesting characters and occurences, as well as great music. Watching the chimneysweeps sing and dance on the rooftops of London is one of the most memorable scenes in all of film history and is still fun to watch today. This is a great film that kids and adults can both enjoy.
A timeless classic!:D
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