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I loved it !
Amazing movie wonderful Awsom Hero and his story
@killerluuk..the suicide was a diversionary ruse for the diamond heist...but i'll check out THE BRIDGE.
Seemed like pretty corny film, yet since you've all been so enthousiastic I decidded to take your advises and watch it:P
It's a decent film, as alot of the plots logic seems to been tossed of that building,besides that the film does not really create the suspence that he is truely in any danger even though he spends alost the whole film at the ledge of the Hotel.. This film could be classified as a decent Sundy afternoon film IMO :) Not a bad film, though if you want to watch a better film about suicide I'D suggest: The bridge ( a 10/10 film - which WILL make you tear up) ;) 6/10
started out "run of the mill" - "another one of those", but steadily built to "edge of your seat"...you know where it's going, but the editor played a major role in making it a really good ride.
Best movie. So awesome!!!!!!!! 10/10
Thoroughly enjoyed this! Great suspense, rolling plot that kept you involved and great acting. If you like suspense this is a must see.
my first time to watch this and it is a very good movie a lot better then I was expecting at the start 8.5/10
Wow, I just watched this movie - awesome
Watched "Man on a ledge" This is a good mystery,suspense and drama rolled into one. You know the man on the ledge is up to something from the beginning, but you don't know what. The story progresses nicely and keeps you guessing and interested. There are many twists and surprises throughout and it saves the best for the ending. Overall, a very good movie. I would give it 7-8 out of 10 stars.
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