No plot and kind of confusing.
Love this freakin movie its the sh##
Great thrills !
One of the best movie from Australia! A very young Mel Gibson at his best. 8/10
A good movie to watch. I enjoyed it.

In a futuristic world a retired cop seeks revenge on a gang of hoods who murder his wife and kid.

This movie is all about car wrecks, high speed chases, lots of violence and it sure doesn't disappoint. It starts of with an action packed high octane car chase and never lets up. Throw in a group of weird and creepy villains that you just can't wait to see receive the full brunt of Max's rage. All the makings of a cult classic.
thrilling and fun

This is the first of the trilogy. Surprisingly, I never got around to see any of these and I'm finally setting out to do up all three.

I really have to say that I enjoy myself a great deal while watching this. While the plot didn't hold a lot and didn't cover much ground overall, the action, dialogue, and surprisingly, even Mel Gibson's acting kept me invested. I don't care much for Mel Gibson in general, but he did a nice job camping it up in this one. His revenge sequence was a grand time. I'm looking forward to seeing the other two in the series because I think they are more futuristic and well... Max is probably madder.

I'm going to blurt some SPOILERS now so...

You know what? Action movies don't take enough time to develop the love stories if they play a significant role in the story. Like, you are supposed to believe that the main guy loves his wife... then something happens to her and you don't really feel it because you didn't care so much in the first place. You never saw them together. But this movie does it right. You get a lot of development before things start to really go down. Scott actually mentioned something about that I think. Makes a lot of sense.

Anyway, very enjoyable, looking forward to the others and to see how they tie together.
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