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great movie i like
this was a sinful delight to watch for gratuitous sex and violence something to get a good laugh from I hope something good comes for Danny Trejo
One of the most badass movies in existence, Machete is ridiculously awesome. Gory, over the top, well choreographed action, with a few funny moments thrown in the mix.

Great movie, 8/10

Are you people retarded or what? Of course it's cheesy, it's the whole point.

"lol Thank you for sharing it

just classic here. bad acting...cheesy at times.

F awesome!!! reminds me one of tarantino wetdreams except better

Machete Dvd Added (vidxden) dont ask me how but here it is or if you cant find it in all the links just go to letmewatchthisandthat (not letmewatchthis)

good movie , 2 thumbs up .