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I loved the movie a walk to remember and thought Mandy Moore did a really good job in that movie so I gave this a shot ( also, I love romance!). I also like Kellan Lutz and whilst this romance movie (NOT COMEDY) could have been quite wonderful it was just way over the top cheesy, and I just felt annoyed with Mandy Moore's 'oh so perfect' character. I actually wanted Kellan Lutz to tell her to bugger off, because he deserved better! Anyhow, the story line could have been so much better, funnier, deeper... it could have been much more everything if only the characters had been made more interesting and believable. I mean Mandy Moore seems to be capable only of portraying a sweet, perfect christian high-school girl- it's like she never grew up and believing she is a marital counselor holding a phd... nope I am sorry, I don't buy it. Actually, she probably shouldn't have been cast to this role at all.
So, if you just want to watch a very cheesy, sappy romance movie with little depth and have nothing better to do/ watch, I guess its watchable but thats about it. My suggestion is to watch A walk to remember if you haven't instead! :-) I give it a 4.5/10 and thats on the generous side.
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