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Little Nicky 2000

After two of the devil's three sons escape hell to wreak havoc on Earth, the devil must send his third son, the mild-mannered Nicky to bring them back before it's too late...

Release Date:
November 10, 2000
90 min
Steven Brill ...
Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Allen Covert, Blake Clark, Peter Dante, Jonathan Loughran, Jackie Sandler, Frank Sivero, Harvey Keitel, Robert Smigel, Kevin Nealon, George Wallace, Jess Harnell, John Farley, Jon Lovitz, Lex Lang, Mary Brill, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, Clint Howard, Paul Michael Bloodgood, Peter Anthony Tambakis, Lance Polland, Troy Brown, Stephanie Chao, Rhys Ifans, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Harring, Cindy Sorenson, Stuart Rudin, Lillian Adams, LeJon, Jake McKinnon, Rodney Dangerfield, Quentin Tarantino, Michael Deak, Henry Winkler, Craig Castaldo, Christopher Carroll, Patricia Arquette, Mary Diveny, Erinn Bartlett, John White, John Kirk, Jeff Imada, John Witherspoon, Fred Wolf, Michael McKean, Bill Walton, Dana Carvey, Carl Weathers, Leah Lail, Mannie Jackson, Orlando Antigua, Matthew Jackson, Curley 'Boo' Johnson, Herbert Lang, William Stringfellow, Lou Dunbar, Lewis Arquette, Ellen Cleghorne, Reggie McFadden, Philip Bolden, Isaiah Griffin, Brandon Rosenberg, Kevin Grady, Jodi Outman, Salvatore Cavaliere, Ozzy Osbourne, Regis Philbin, Sylvia Lopez, Sidney Ganis, Todd Holland, Gerard Bugge, Suzanne Frydman, Tom McNulty, Michael Giarraputo, Jana Sandler, Kalie Stewart-Conner, Kimberly Velez, Tracey Ostrand, David Sardi, Tom Winkler, Tim Young, Eli Wolstan, Ng Thanh Nhan, Michael Goldfinger, Peter Linari, Rico Bueno, Lynn Wilson, Andrew L. Mensch, Gwen Yeager, Joseph S. Griffo, Agustín Alvardo, David Michael John Castner, Dana Moir, Paul Tanksley Jr., J. Graysen Stubbs, Juan Canopii, Christopher Francis, Vincenetta Gunn, Timothy Huang, Dan Marino, Alex Moore, Erich 'Mancow' Muller, Taylor Wayne, Randy Troy, Fred Wolf, Michael Charles Roman, John White ...
Comedy, Romance, Fantasy ...

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Solar rating: 7.4


Imdb rating: 5.3

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i grew up on this movie. my dad would let me watch this when i was like 10. i thought it was so funny. even though i was so young i loved it. still a great movie. one of adams best comedies ever. i would recommend watching this if ur a fan of his movies, like happy gilmore, mr. deeds. or any of his comedies. good stuff. i could watch this a million times


Picked up this horrible film on dvd the other day. A true guilty pleasure but a fun one nonetheless. I have no idea why I find this movie's poor excuses for jokes to be funny...wait...I like troma films...nevermind.
Aside from Punch-Drunk Love, this might be Adam Sandler's best and funniest film (only Happy Gilmore gives it a run for its money). That is not saying much from my point of view. Setting aside Sandler's brilliant turn in Punch-Drunk Love, I have never enjoyed (and frequently outright hated) most of Sandler's work. In this film, Sandler plays the son of Satan, who is sent to Earth to retrieve his far more demonic brothers and thereby save the planet (or something...I can't really remember the specifics of the plot). The story is, naturally, only a clothesline on which to hang various mayhem and lowbrow humour. The problem is that Little Nicky just isn't funny, despite a likeable cast including Harvey Keitel and Reese Witherspoon (who actually does manage to squeeze some laughs out of her character...a vacuous angel). Sandler is saddled with yet another speech impediment (what is it with speech impediments that he finds funny?), and since he is basically good (despite being Satan's son), most of the humour is left to his slobbish roommates and a talking dog that is painfully annoying. Mercifully, the film is free of Sandler's normal passive-aggressive personality traits, and doesn't contain any of the nasty humour of films like Big Daddy. But for a film supposed to be comic heaven, this film may eventually wind up in the netherworld as punishment for those who committed the sin of laughing too much.

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The career of one Adam Sandler is hard to dissect. We have a pretty funny comedian on one end; however, he just misfires all too often. He tried with mixed results to change his image in Punch Drunk Love, but seemingly gave up with the horrible cliche Anger Management. Here is an overview in the life and times of one Adam Sandler.

Happy Gilmore

Sandler plays a amateur golfer who goes on the PGA tour. Not really all that great a movie, but the fight scene with Bob Barker from TV's "The Price Is Right" makes up for all that is wrong with this one.

The Wedding Singer

This signaled the return of Drew Barrymore. The film is probably Sandler's best work as he works as an aimless wedding singer that falls in love with an engaged waitress. The 80's gags get old quick, but we are left with a touching love story where the chemistry is just right. Wtch for an uncredited Steve Buscemi turn up at a wedding reception.

The Waterboy

You would think that Sandler and Nicholson would make for a good coupling, right? Nope. The comedy falls flat as Nicholson actually looks bad in this film. I actually fell asleep during this one in the theater...I never do that...but, it was so bad...and the ending was so cliche....and Sandler made Nicholson look so bad...god what a poor film.

Hey Folks what can I say I've been busy; well I guess you can call it busy. I think the word for it was that I was just too lazy to write in my journal. And the best time to do it is now I guess, freakn' 1:00 in the morning. Yeah, I usually just talk to Angela for another hour or 2, but tonight she was more sleepy than usual so I sent her off to bed. For me, after I'm done writing in this I plan to watch the Sixth Sense directed only by my favorite director M. Night Shaymalan. You know the only thing I really been doing since last week to now is hanging out with Angela (which freakn' rocks because she's so awesome and beautiful) and going to work or class. There's a tuff dispute in my English class as of now on cloning. This subject has become quite interesting. What I usually do is back off and listen to everyone else speak (I might from time to time say something stupid being funny.)

So life hasn't been to exciting except for when I'm with Angela. I have had my Bro call me a couple times though telling me about the campus life in Indy at I.U.P.U.I, it's always GREAT to hear from him. Sooner or later I hope I may be going for my career there too, but for now I'm here. He's wanted me to come visit some time to hang out in his apartment his dad and him are sharing. I want to, but it's my car being on its last leg (if you know what I mean.) It sounds like a lot of fun. Well that's about it except that I've been working (SUCKS!) Tonight I decided to help out Angela and Britteny at TCBY because I was there dropping off food to them and decided to help. Plus there both friends I care about. Well that's my life story for the evening. GOODNIGHT, Zac;) PS.HA HA Angela lol, nice picture. It is actually funny.
Best in Show: Adam Sandler
One for the future: Rhys Ifans
Stand-out scene: Devillish Spider
Brainer or no-brainer: No brainer
Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: Repeated
DVD commentary any good?: n/a

Adam Sandler may have an annoying voice throughout this movie but I enjoyed it immensely, especially as it is peppered with cameos. So Adam Sandler movies may be uniformly no-brainers but of the ones i've seen (The Wedding Singer and The Waterboy being the only two others) he's a consistently funny performer with a real gift for slapstick comedy. Little Nicky is one of the devil's three sons (Welsh actor Rhys Ifans and ex-basketball player Tom 'Tiny Liston Jr. are the other two) and the only one not totally evil. When the incumbent devil (Harvey Keitel who replaced Dustin Hoffman in the role) announces that he has no plans to relinquish his hellish throne his two evil sons jointly flee Hades to ply their evil trade on Earth and seal up the gateway to hell. Little Nicky is sent after them to bring them back to Hell to prevent the devil from degenerating to nothing for lack of human souls. Wickedly funny, cameos from the likes of Quentin Tarantino, the recently departed Rodney Dangerfield (RIP), Reese Witherspoon, Ozzy Osbourne and Henry Winkler ensure that the action never drags.
Adam Sandler is perhaps not only a 'unique' actor to say the least, but a film starring Adam Sandler is its own genre, at least most of them. Though, it is funny I like movies with Adam Sandler, that are not really "Adam Sandler" movies. Little Nicky is obviously an "Adam Sandler" movie. There is an unapologetic, obnoxious, and completely ludacris idea that is undeniably entertaining in moments, but the gags fail a lot more than they miss. It is somewhat sad, I wanted to like the movie for its lazy, but creative effort.

This time Adam Sandler plays one of three sons of satans. Satan apparently likes to keep good and evil in balance for the sake of the plotline, which of course angers his sons who want to expand hell by conquering earth. The father becomes weak after the gates of hell is closed, and it is up to Nicky to seal the gates back up. Yes, I know how this sounds. The plotline is flimsy, but anyone going to such a film must already know that. If not, common sense is not your area of expertise.

Everything here is merely an excuse for the gags to keep on-going. A funnier film might have the right to get away with such a tactic. Characters are inserted into scenes just for the sake of jokes and serve no other function; cameos of reputable actors exist souly to keep the audience paying attention. I am actually surprised that Reese Witherspoon and the late Rodney Dangerfield considered doing any roles. Did they not read the script?

I almost would not mind the above if it were funny, but eye-rolling is more frequent than laughing here. I cannot help but think someone litterally just wrote this as they went along and made its way to first. Though, it does have an oblivious type of demeanor I praise it for. The movie does not cheat itself into making boundaries on the types of insane ideas it has running throughout the sets.

The problem is when your this stupid, it is generally (and I try to never give absolutes because I despise anyone saying there has to be rules in film-making) to have a joke within itself. Consider South Park, an animiated televsion series that is just as crazy. It works not only because many of the puns are funny, but at the same time, it makes fun of how asinine much of it is, in addition to be frequently satrical.

There are better Adam Sandler films out there, but if you are such an avid fan I am sure you will be right at home. But if you are looking for a better comedy concerning itself with a religious premise and eye-popping special effects, I reccommend Bruce Almighty instead.
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