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Pretty good movie. I love the little blonde girl shes a great actress. The boy was ok but didnt really shine. Nothing really to brag about with this movie or poke at. good but not great, might not be everyones flavor but would suggest watching atleast 30min of it to get a decent fell and judge for yourself. 7/10 which may be just a tad generous, maybe 6/10
this was good as far as remake's go but I sill prefer the original. but this one's good to
@Elfkin yep it is... and i think a pretty great one... i re-watched it and the above title, Let Me In, the other day and still can appreciate both for being genuinely creepy films.
@komlit 'Let the Right One In' was a Swedish film
@maoriswagger Agreed just funny oh UK people think there stuff is always better
Just finished watching the european one and in my opinion it sucked balls lol
It sure is, and although this one is good, the first is so much better.
Isnt this just a remake of the european title "let the right one in"?
EPIC movie the best ive seen in years 10\10
NO Worries mate I sent you a PM with all information needed to request movies and TV shows properly in the forum. Cheers..