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@katiemourning i agree with you completely.. i still kick myself for sitting all the way though this dreadful mess.. ;p
This was a cute little movie! Glad I took the time to watch it! :)
Awww I really liked this movie! it might be a bit predictable but its just such a feel good movie! And its fun and sweet and romantic... great chemistry between the actors...and at the backdrop Ireland...sigh... Its really worth the watch :)
This movie was VERY predictable but it was a great feel good movie! It was funny and romantic, what can I say? I laughed, I cried....and "oohed and awwwwed" at the scenery (which was GORGEOUS!)
Predictable. Boring.
Thank God for Leap Year. Finally a cure for insomnia.
I am writing this on behalf of my wife. She found this movie to be refreshing. While she admitted that it wasn't terribly original, she did like it quite a bit. But the refreshing part was that it wasn't crass, obscene, and the characters didn't have to have sex to prove they loved each other. Just a fun date movie.
Finally a movie that is clean enough to watch with the whole family. So what if it's a bit cliche and predictable, it is a cute movie. The scenary is gorgeous. One of the best movie's I've seen this year.
**1/2 (out of four)

A movie can only get by so far on the talent and charms of it's lead actors. Amy Adams and Matthew Goode try their best and almost succeed, but they are hampered by a script that is straight out of Romantic-Comedy-Writing-101.

Amy Adams is a young Boston woman who is hoping her successful longtime boyfriend will pop the question. When he doesn't, she decides to surprise him in Dublin and propose to him, since it is okay in Ireland for the woman to do the asking on February 29th.

Things go wrong and she is stranded miles away from her destination. She hires a hot local guy to drive her to Dublin, but they grow close.

The film offers everything you expect from the genre. Two likeable but different people are thrown together. They argue, banter, and fall in love. What else is there. If you want something else...this is one to pass on.
Completely predictable. I could even guess what they were going to say next. The poorly produced similarities that this movie has with other movies tuned me out of the movie altogether and the only thing that kept going through the whole movie was, "God! Does she have any other kind of shoes besides stilletos!"
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