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I expected this film to be alot better. Watchable though. 6/10
Do any of these links still work? I keep getting "file not found".
still the best movie made in last few yrs. i love this almost as much as heat. the only good cop is a...
one of the best films i've seen in years.. as with quite a few films about dixie, this was filmed in coweta and meriwether counties, georgia, where i grew up.. i thought i recognized some of those dirt roads and especially that covered bridge, and it was confirmed in the credits.. good music.. well done by all involved, especially tom hardy.
I PM'd u to say no put or sock anywhere sorry.
Scott ask me anytime in a Message so ya dont get muted hun. :=D
This was a well done film: good cast, script and plot. Warning: there are some violent scenes. I found it interesting that this was a true story as well.
this movie is a great movie. One of the best ive seen in a long while
This movie is brilliant, fantastic acting from Tom Hardy, Guy Pearce and Shia LaBouff really makes the movie, highly reccommend it to anyone 5/5
I love movies based on actual events & this movie was very good. Acting was great from Tom Hardy. Even Shia wasn't too bad. Guy Pearce plays a great slim ball. Plus Gary Oldman is one of the greatest actors of this generation
really good movie..white lightenin'!
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