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You've gotta keep focused on whats being said, or you lose whats go'in on. Other than that it's a good movie... 8/10
I love this movie, kinda mixes two, three genres, some quite intricate plot but light comedy, and doing it seamlessly, also downey jr and kilmer is at their best.
Funny it was worth watching
Not too bad of a film. I don't usually care for this genre, but I liked this.
Its been a while since I watched this movie but its still a really good off the beaten track kinda movie. Highly recommend.
good downey jr. and kilmer movie 8/10
Very good murder mystery. thanks to pumpkinheadt for a great recommendation and to the kind folks at Solar.
Robert Downey Jr. really shines as the protagonist-narrator in this fast-action murder-mystery black comedy. Val Kilmer plays against type as a gay detective in one of his best performances in recent memory. Very, very funny, quirky film that reminded me a little of The Big Lebowski. 10/10

A really good movie !
funny and unexpected

Capote - "This is not one of those dull biographies that chronicles the subject's entire life, just a small defining period."

A History of Violence - "It's gory and violent, but satisfyingly entertaining."

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang - "It features the odd pairing of two almost forgotten actors, Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr., in a murder mystery. The banter between the two is consistently funny throughout the film."

Elizabethtown - "Like 'Seven Swords,' there's probably a good 90 minute film in this 135 minute romance."

The Matador - "Pierce Brosnan is hilarious as a sleazy assassin who's lost his edge. It's fun to see Brosnan satirize his James Bond persona with such reckless abandon."
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