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It is a sad fact that a legend like De Niro took part in this flop....I guess he must have need some extra cash that year!
Very poor, 3/10
third time i've watched this.. it still grabs my attention.. if you're goin' through withdrawal from STRIKE BACK, jason statham flicks will make the wait easier.
One of Statham's best. This one's more than just an action flick; it has a good plot, and actually develops the characters beyond how they react to explosions. I loved it when I first saw it in 2011, and actually had a copy before my dog got a hold of it.
@sebash07 They are! He's a great actor. Professional in kickboxing and martial arts... professional in driving,and also a good actor and does his own stunts. Can't get much better than that.
Also, this was a very good film. 7.7/10 I really liked it a lot. I would probably give it a higher scoring if I wasn't so sleepy when I watched it. Hah!
Great movie. I thought for sure that I had seen this before, but I was thinking of The Killer Elite, a 1975 movie with Robert Duvall and James Caan. Two different stories.
@musician4ever I've just been watching all Jason Statham
movies too & I'm Loving them.Best action & his fight scenes
are brilliant!!!
I'm watching Jason Statham movies. This one is next. :) I like action. KABOOMEY! POW BOOM BOOM! POW!
Good watch, 9/10.

great flick, killer action

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