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Good movie. Poignant and strikes a balance between action and emotion.
@Mr_Katcham good 4 U.
@stara i watched the second movie with a friend and thats why i watched the first one. and i agree i do think that the second one is better,
@Mr_Katcham glad you liked. now U really need to see the second it's even better if U ask me.
@stara i was expecting some lame action junk too but it wasnt all that bad.
epic movie
epic soundtracks
all epic
@EthanKant I was gonna watch the second some day anyway but thanks for the tip. I really hope it's atleast as good as the first one.
@stara Now on to Kick Ass 2. I thought it was pretty good, don't know why the critics doesn't like it.
I was expecting very dum, stupid and overkilled action but this was actually pretty good. Hit girl rocks!
One of my favorite movies!!!!
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