hehe oh. Just good

Best in Show: Sean Connery
One for the future: Kate Capshaw
Stand-out scene: Swamp showdown
Brainer or no-brainer: Half a brain
Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: One
DVD commentary any good?: n/a

When this popped up in the TV schedules I thought i'd give it a go on the grounds that I wanted to see more of Laurence Fishburne after recently watching his barnstorming turn in Deep Cover and also it features the excellent Scarlett Johansson's second film appearance (North was her debut). Both however, turn out to have fairly limited roles in this Sean Connery vehicle. The 'just cause' in question is the case of an intelligent black Death Rower convicted for the brutal murder of a young girl in the Florida Everglades. Connery has long since retired from the bar into academia but the con's persistent grandmother persuades him to take the case. Fishburne is a cop accused of extracting a confession through brutality and his role is given too little screentime to make any real impact. Some viewers may find the age gap between Connery and his on-screen wife Kate Capshaw (a mere 23 years) a little out of the ordinary. Ed Harris demonstrates again his fine pedigree in a scene-stealing minor role as a psychotic fellow death row inmate, but this is a film ultimately let down by a series of silly, illogical twists and turns.
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A liberal,good-hearted law professor is
sent to Flordia to help an unjustly black
convict elude the death penalty.
Just Cause (1995): 6/10

(** 1/2)
Pretty good until the end when we find that all is not as it seemed. A freed man on death row shows his true colors late in the film and tries to kill the lawyer who freed him. A statement against those who espouse justice, this film reeks of "I told you so, let em hang". Trying to be a reason for capital punishment, this film succeeds only in being illogical and silly.

Not my top ten list of films, Connery is excellent as always and worth watching, but the ending is not to my liking but may be ok with you, depending on your political leanings.

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Just Cause