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JFK: The Smoking Gun 2013

Seventy-five percent of the American people still refuse to believe the official story of President John F. Kennedy's death. They do not think he was killed by a lone gunman but by a...

Release Date:
November 1, 2013
120 min
Malcolm Mcdonald ...
Arthur Holden, Larry Day, Tod Fennell, Alex Ivanovici ...
Documentary ...

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mistakes: the BORE marks the bullet, not the chamber - you have to be DOWNWIND to smell it, not upwind.. as for the rest, that there was and is a cover up is sufficient indictment.. that's what's important.
yet another damage limitation docu, this time ready for the innevitable 50th aniversary questions. Most of it seems like a legit, if somewhat limited investigation, apart from the bit about how it was a tragic accident. That bits is, imho, pure bull.
Why was the SS detail pulled of Kennedy's car just before it went into Dealy plaza?
What was the motorcade doing there in the first place?
Why did the car SLOW DOWN when shots were being fired.
Why would the SS close ranks and cover up for one of their own (who was a complete rookie) if it was just an accident?
And only the unsuspecting, and completely ignorant mind will fall for the crocodile tears near the end.
There clearly was a cover up, but if you are looking for the truth behind the events of 22nd Nov 1963, you wwon't find them here.
Finally the truth...we've waited so long. Really well done doc on the authors book, 'Mortal Wound'-hes the first since JFK to do the ballistics.
Interesting documentary by far the most believable case on the J.F.K assassination except the part that agent Hickey randomly and accidentally made a perfect head shot like that from about 30-40 feet away. I think he did it on purpose maby he was hire by who ever hired Oswald as a back up plan incase Oswald failed to get the kill shot. Who knows it was a great movie tho i rate this 7/10.
Fairly well done documentary about a subject that has fascinated me for awhile. For all those who have watched Oliver Stones JFK version I assume you know that the biggest part of it was just good story writing no truth. This is presented in a way as with most documentaries, it makes a compelling and believable case.
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