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i wish i was Chinese lol.
@sherakee Indeed this movie is possibly the best martial arts movie ever.
if you like this check out wing chun staring michelle yeoh co star donnie yen
i agree. not using yen was a big mistake.
GREAT film.. Also Ip Man 2 & The Legend is Born: Ip Man... Donnie Yen is the man!!! The Grandmaster is about Ip Man but lacks the great fight scenes that made the other three such great films... Well that and the fact Donnie Yen isn't in The Grandmaster (poor decision) Check out Dragon its another great Yen film

love ip man. This movie is fantastic. all of the ips are. love his style of fight too. believe a woman made the style.....not that i think they cant or anything. Its so fluent.

the billionuploads link has subtitles also
right click and turn on the subtitles for the player

A definite buy for all martial arts movie buffs!
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