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Mesmerizing and beautiful, A dark and astonishing Tale. A story of danger and flight, love and loss. Suspense and intense, filled with extraordinary power of the senses. A must watch for Vampire lovers and all alike
Wow awesome movie 5/5
It hadn't even been a year since a plantation owner named Louis had lost his wife in childbirth. Both his wife and the infant died, and now he has lost his will to live. A vampire named Lestat takes a liking to Louis and offers him the chance to become a creature of the night: a vampire. Thus, the start of a vampire tells his epic life story: love, betrayal, loneliness, and hunger.
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I have always been an Anne Rice fan. Beginning with Interview with the Vampire, i have read almost all of her Vampire Chronicles Novels, except for Book 2 The Vampire Lestat, which i have never gotten around to reading. Likewise i enjoyed the Mayfair Witches chronicles, and also her other novella. I was drawn in by her rich, lush descriptive prose, and the dark macarbe fantasy world of the vampires, especially the enigmatic vampire Lestat. My favourite is Vampire Chronicles book 4: Tale of the Body Thief.

Thus it would come as no surprise that i had high hopes for the movie adaptation of Anne Rice's novel. Indeed, it features a star studded cast, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, a very young Kirsten Dunst and Antonio Banderas. The story is gripping, and i am particularly impressed with Kirsten Dunst in a gripping performance as the angst ridden, vindictive Claudia. Likewise Brad Pitt is competant as Louis but it is the charismatic, flambouyant bon vivant Tom Cruise's Lestat that steals the show.

While is is a good movies, it hoverver fails to capture the lush evocative beauty of Rice's novel, which is not surprising if you try to capture all the nuances of a great novel in just a few hours. But nevertheless an enjoyable movie
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Watched Interview with the Vampire for the first time last night. I don't know if my expectations were too high or what, but I was kind of disapointed.

The story is rather interesting and pretty deep. The actors are great, with the exception of Tom Cruise strangely. I did not like how he played the vampire Lestat in this movie at all. Brad Pitt was great, but I think the best performance in the movie goes to Kirsten Dunst. The only time I have ever been that freaked out by a little girl was in the Shining.

The directing was great also, and the special effects were done surprisingly well considering the year the movie was made.

Was a pretty good movie overall.
"...a little something for everyone: heterosexuality, homosexuality, murder, mayhem, pedophilia, necrophilia, nudity, torture, gore, dismemberment, and abuse."
-- John J. Puccio, DVDTOWN.COM

Without a doubt, I still enjoy this movie. The cast is golden, the direction dead on, and is adapted from a book I liked. I actually like the movie more than the book. Louie bitches and moans for half the book about his dearly departed Claudia...thank God in the film this is cut signifigantly down. Some people bitch about Brad Pitt being a talentless pretty boy...I say watch this and rethink that poaition.

This is the story about Louis (Brad Pitt), how he becomes a Vampire, the guilt of killing people, and how he gets through the world with Lestat (Tom Cruise).

To be honest, I didn't really like Brad Pitt in this, he was very boring as a Vampire, and he wasn't the standard, and maybe that's why I didn't like him. Although his killing spree of all the vampires due to the fact they dusted his adopted daughter (Kirsten Dunst).

I thought Tom Cruise was fantastic as Lestat, and how I thought Vampires would be. Christian Slater appears as a reporter, taking Louis' life story down on tape.

Since it's based on the novel and I've never read the novel, I don't know if it's fully 100% on the book (though the screenplay was written by Anne Rice who wrote the book so...). So, Lestat was great, Louis was rubbish and Kirsten Dunst was... ok...
So I'm sitting here on my mom's laptop, because my computer still isn't working. I'm actually okay with the lack of phone and computer lately, because it gives me an excuse to not talk to anyone and be a homebody for a week. There was a forty-foot tree in my yard that snapped in half...luckily towards the driveway and not into my bedroom window! Other than that and a couple of missing shingles, the house is fine and so are we, and that's all that matters! It's just weird to drive around and see all these screens and fences and trees down, and street lights out, and the power at the shopping center out, and long lines to the gas just feels creepily post-apocolyptic. But it could be much worse, so I'm grateful it wasn't.

Mom was home this week anyway (today's her birthday!), so it was nice to sit around with my parents, lounging and napping and watching movies. Mom got an urge to watch scary movies, and I love vampire flicks, so we've been watching the classics...tomorrow it will be Bram Stoker's Dracula, where the scariest thing in the film is Keanu's accent.

I love Dracula 2000, because it is THE coolest twist on the Dracula story EVER. Between that, and Gerard Butler's hair/sexiness, and Johnny Lee Miller's great accent, and the sex on the ceiling, and the Van Helsing thing, and the cleverness (Simon? Mary?), it should garner a 10. However, it gets a 9 1/2 :fresh: s because of some gore I didn't find necessary, and some of the less-than-stellar acting by Vitamin C. Otherwise it's quite funny, and worth it just for the ending. SO COOL.

Interview with the Vampire was cool, and Brad and Tom were muy adorable as vamps, and I could actually tolerate Kirsten Dunst as a child. But the thing with the story, and the script (Anne Rice), is that they take themselves waaay too seriously. When it comes to vampires, a little humor is necessary, or you end up having something too serious for its own good. So it was fun, and the ending is hella cool (Sympathy for the Devil, great choice), but not my favorite.

Well I'm off to bake birthday cake, nice to see everyone again. I'll be back, sometime. :-)