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Idiocracy 2006

Private Joe Bauers, the definition of "average American", is selected by the Pentagon to be the guinea pig for a top-secret hibernation program. Forgotten, he awakes five centuries in the future. He discovers a society so incredibly dumbed down that he's easily the most intelligent person alive...

Release Date:
January 25, 2007
84 min
Mike Judge ...
Maya Rudolph, Darlene Hunt, Andrew Wilson, Luke Wilson, Tom Kenny, David Herman, Thomas Haden Church, Justin Long, Daniel Smith, William McMinn, Ryan Christopher, Stephen Root, Greg Pitts, Samantha Inoue Harte, Ava Santana-Cassano, Michael McCafferty, Terry Crews, Gregory Kelly, Derek Southers, Rajiv Patel, Patrick Fischler, Justin Smith, Dan'l Terry, Randal Reeder, Brendan Hill, Heath Allyn, Manuel Cantu, Dax Shepard, Evan Miller, Curtis Wayne, Ricky Cavazos, Dan Murphy, Sara Rue, Lynnanne Zager, Mitch Baker, Mark Turner, Turk Pipkin, Christopher Ryan, Leila Plummer, Jack Cruz, Regan Licciardello, Robert Musgrave, Lidia Porto, Jason Konopisos, Chris Warner, Glori Renee Euwer, Angela Ware, Michael Sorrells, Javier Merida, Joanna Gallagher, Adam Langley, Santiago Villalobos, T.J. McFarland, Peter Cornwell, Erik Anderson, Beth Gosnell, Heath Jones, Cassidy Johnson, Jason Bohn, Caitlin Wehrle, Anthony 'Citric' Campos, Sonny Castillo, Kevin McAfee, Eli Muñoz, Ryan Ransdell, Melissa Sweet, Valerie Posas, Wes Davis, Kevin Klee, John Dodson, Melissa Espinales, Joseph Cheatham, Jason Schaefer, Richard Reeder, Lawrence Castillo, Heather Kafka, Christopher M. Campos, Roman Ramos, Scarface, Melissa Dawn, Danny Cochran, Marcos Martinez Rios, Earl Mann, Laetitia Bertrand, Kevin Cacy, Josh Christman, Ruben Gonzales, J. Anthony Hernandez, Kristoffer Kjornes, Max Kruemcke, James Moreno, Ray L. Perez, Steve Powers, Brenna Rivas, Craig Saper, Kati Sharp, Jennifer Roxanne Vasquez, Herman Whitney III, Evelyn Hurley, Heath Young, Gary Teague, Jimmy Willden, Gene Cervenka, Jesse Medeles, Christopher James Thompson, Doug LaRue, Andrew Rice, John P. Funk, Lonnie Nelson, Heath Jones, Forrest Walls ...
Thriller, Comedy, Adventure, Sci-Fi ...

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Imdb rating: 6.5

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biting satire. the most realistic depiction of the future in any film.
Great comedy..!
Saweeet film! Love Luke! Frightening how true to our reality this movie is!
So, this is not really science fiction. No need to go to the future to feel this way. Just need to go outside of your home. So, well... Pretty realistic sh!t, yo. The movie was funny though, as opposed to my life, which sucks.
That said, it's kind of a reverse futurama. Acting was good, movie was well written and thought through, funny and light. Interesting to see how that guy adapts to that world, while she doesn't even have to. The beginning was better, better paced and funnier IMHO due to the novelty of the thing. Then it gets serious(er), and slightly less funny in the last part. Still good, not complaining.
So, really valid message (ie: books are not for f@gs, who knew?), and sh!t. The movie was, you know and then, see, yo, sh!t is good man.
But the ow my balls show was bollocks. No way the guy could do that with that healthcare system they have. Ijs.
Funny and easy, President Camacho was soooo funny. TY!
LOL movie still funny to watch.
I love this movie . I really recommend it for anyone in mood to watch a light and funny film ;)
for sure one of the funniest truest movies ive ever seen .
Unfortunately, we are in it now..
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