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I Still Know What You Did Last Summer 1998

The murderous fisherman with a hook is back to once again stalk the two surviving teens, Julie and Ray, who left him for dead, as well as cause even more murder and mayhem, this time at a posh island resort...

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This movie is no where near as good as "I Know what you did last summer". Though it does some things right, it does a lot of stuff wrong. There are lots of loopholes in the plot. The plot is also wafer-thin. The killer's motive isnt great either. But if there was a third movie in the series i would still watch it because the end keeps you guessing. The ending is very incomplete, and since this movie flopped there isnt going to be a third one.

EDIT: SO there is gonna be a 3rd movie! Well theres no Jennifer Love Hewitt or any other of the main characters so its definetely gonna suck. If this third film does well, I wouldnt be suprised if there were more sequels that just go direct to dvd.
Too bad i'm a sucker for slasher movies.
I caught this movie on HBO a few years back, before I started visiting Rotten Tomatoes. I saw it again on USA a few weeks ago. Thankfully, it was just as bad as I remember.

The storyline is horribly familiar - almost exactly the same as the first. The acting is all very bad from everyone, though there were some moments from a few people that weren't terrible. I'm happy to say that Freddie Prinze Jr. had some acting help before doing this movie; his acting almost killed the entire thing for me last time. The film lost a key element of the first one when the first one killed off Ryan Phillipe - he was the main reason I dug film one.

The movie is boring, sooooo predictable, and there isn't one really redeming quality about it, or any reason you should see it. Except the fact that the character Brandy plays has the same first name as me, spelled the same - you just don't see enough of that, lol :)
Comments pending.
If there will be part 3 the title will probably be:"...And I Will Always Know..."
:rotten: 2.50/10
"I still know" is one of the best horror movie i ever seen. Is much better than the original and other slasher movies, like Scream. Maybe the plot it's not so special, but the chase of Karla, and the death scenes are...very well done. And it has some funny moments (like the one when Julie finds Karla in her closet and she ask her: - What are doing in my closet? And Karla say: - I just want it to borrow a shirt, but i'm not ready to die for it). So, this movie is more entertaining than the first one, and i liked more than Scream.


The non-screamer sequel to the blood-chilling box office hit "I Know What You Did Last Summer" reveals itself to be... a complete turkey. It lacks even the good, guilty setup of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" -- the sense that the heroes are fleeing the consequences of their own crime. The two remaining jerkasses are the less charming ones-- Julie James and her boyfriend Ray. ...We've also added three new protagonists (Karla, Will and Ty) just to balance the shit a little. So... They win a (pointless) trip to the Bahamas. And even there, the killer chases them for the same goddamn reason.

Kudos to the script writers who completely killed the suspense and plot revelation by putting some awfully unessecary scenes... Why must the killer, Ben Willis, slay everybody without a reason(Maid, Herbsman, Dockland Guy, etc.)? Considering who the "second killer" is, what's the point in introducing a flat character like him?

The ending was also pretty frickin' pathetic. Useless links, unexplainable "he-arrived-just-in-time-to-slug-the-baddy" scenes and dull revelations (he had a SON?!?) are aplenty. Trey Callaway made an awful lot of "copy -- paste" during the movie (The "What are you waiting for, huh?! Come and kill me now" scene has been re-used and causes a huge yawn). This 1998 sequel seems almost deliberately designed to disappoint--our enjoyment is supposed to lie in making fun of the obvious red herrings, contrived opportunities to show cleavage, melodramatic dialogue, gullible characters, and inevitable to-be-continued ending.

As for the acting, I'd say it's pretty ordinary and it sticks to what it's supposed to be like. Jennifer Love Hewitt has her moments, undeniably, but she's not doing anything spectacular. Just like in the original. Mekhi Phifer as cynical, macho and sarcastic Tyrell works a bit more than the other characters, though. I had absolutely no complaints about him... or almost, since his character was quite stereotyped. R&B Maid Brandy offered the very usual "african-american-sista" wink, but she was satisfying anyway. Somehow, the presence of Ryan Philippe and Sarah Michelle Gellar are badly replaced by another couple with a flat chemistry, despite their adequate performances.

Bottom Line : A very loud, incoherent and stupid ride to a very loud, incoherent and stupid ending.

:rotten: 1/2
Some Turkeys Will Haunt You Forever
See, usually, sequels suck. But then again, most of the time, both of these movies sucked. This one scared me and I enjoyed the story.

I've read urbanlegend123's review and I totally agree. I watched this movie with my dad and the first thing he said when they tried bashing open the tanning bed was "Why don't they just turn it off?" It was VERY guessable that Will was in on it especially because of the fact that he threw Julie's ax away.

All in all, it kept me scared more than the original but I missed Sarah Michelle Gellar's character. I mean in the original book, none of the four die. So why did they kill her.

Anyway, 7/10
A great follow up to the first one. A truly great film for the ages. Brandy was a terriffic actress. Freddie Prinze Jr., and Jennifer Love Hewitt were awesome once again.
Dir. Danny Cannon

This is a major guilty pleasure film for me. I just love this movie - it's definitely not a great, classic film, in fact, in strict critic terms, it barely registers as good, but it's just so much fun, I can't help but enjoy the regular viewing of this slasher, no matter how hated it is.

I realise this movie is pretty cliched and it is full of plot conveniences in order for the killer to come into contact with Julie James, and that there are a number of stupid scenes. Let's look at the sunbed scene for instance. Ben Willis enters as Julie lies in a sunbed and "locks" her in it in a way, and turns up the heat to the highest it will go. Her friends enter and try to help her, by breaking open the sunbed. They really should've just turned the heat down. The scene is a little laughable because the resolution to the problem is so blatantly obvious. However, I did like the way Ben Willis preferred to torture Julie - killing everyone around her and saving her for last (he's a showy man, likes a big speech first), and I suppose if you were in that situation it would be terrifying for Julie and you would be unable to think clearly out of panic.

The twist-in-the-end is pretty surprising, but it is so cheesily acted and badly written. The entire finale features the film's worst acting, by all involved. The rest of the film has fairly good acting for a slasher, so this is really disappointing. Jennifer Love Hewitt is amazingly beautiful and very likeable as Julie. Brandy has the hard job of replacing Sarah Michelle Gellar but she is very charismatic as Karla. Mekhi Phifer was hilarious as Tyrell and was great comedic relief. "Let's go to the kitchen." "Would that be a good place to hide?" "I dunno, I'm just fuckin' hungry." Freddie Prinze, Jr. has never been my sort of actor and Ray is just such a loser in this movie. He doesn't have much to do I suppose so his performance isn't really bad but it's not good either. Matthew Settle is probably the worst of the young cast - neither convincing at the end of the film where his character makes a dramatic change or the beginning and middle of it.

Visually this movie is great. Despite the film being set in the Bahamas, it was really filmed in Mexico, and this has bothered a lot of viewers who have visited the Bahamas and say it's nothing like the Mexican "Tower Bay Island" presented here. I have never been to either Mexico or the Bahamas, I just found the setting very beautiful and tropical, with some stunning-looking sets, fully utilised in some fantastic chase scenes. Brandy's chase scene is particularly effective. It doesn't quite hold a candle to Sarah Michelle Gellar's I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER death but it comes close. The cinematography is also impressively creepy, capturing the gothic island nature of the film.

Away from the island, the movie is probably better than when it is on it. I loved the beginning of the film. The eerie dream sequence, the introduction to Julie and Ray's troubled new relationship (despite Ray's out-of-character frustration), and overall we just see how badly Julie is dealing with what happened last summer. Two of my favourite scenes in the film are "false scare" sequences but they're still very well-done. I love the scene where Julie walks into her apartment and looks at the picture of Helen (accompanied by the great song "Eden", by Hooverphonic) before going to sleep and waking up at "heart attack time" to Karla snooping around her closet. Karla takes her to a nightclub, and we have another one of my favourite scenes. Julie's paranoia is shown in a cool scene where Ben Willis' reflection flashes against a wall behind her, accompanied to the awesome "behind you!" music. I like this scene so much, it's scary, and it shows Julie really can't get away from Ben Willis and her fear of him - I don't think he was really there in that nightclub, it was more insight into Julie's fractured psyche.

There is a rarely a dull moment in this highly entertaining, if however silly, sequel. It's just a real personal favourite for me. And now they're making I'LL ALWAYS KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER! I would be looking forward to this but it sounds like a total rehash of the first, and it has NO Jennifer Love Hewitt! I'd really like them to do another film with Julie and wrap up the Ben Willis story once and for all, especially after this film is left with such a (neat) cliffhanger. I can only hope that I'LL ALWAYS KNOW will not be made at all or Jennifer will sign on, because I can't imagine these movies without her. Without her star power and the familiar face, it'll probably go straight-to-video, and deservedly so.

I hope there's some other people out there who can enjoy this film on the guilty pleasure level as much as I can. It's just so fun to watch. So just leave your brain at the door and enjoy I STILL KNOW for what it is - an entertaining killer-on-the-loose film, full of gore and not so concerned with story. Don't expect MAGNOLIA from this film and you'll be all the better for it. I love this one!

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