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I Am Number Four 2011

Aliens and their Guardians are hiding on Earth from intergalactic bounty hunters. They can only be killed in numerical order, and Number Four is next on the list. This is his story...

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Underrated movie .
@jessleitch29 i don't think they're making a sequel. you're probably better off reading the books, they're not too bad.
just searched it next one is called fall of five and it looks good as a book dont know when its going to become a movie they taking to long
does anyone know if they are making a sequel
Sooo good! I REALLY hope they make a sequel to this movie. It would have been awesome to see this in a theater! But I'm just happy to have come across it in the Sci-Fi section and got to watch it. Thanks to the linkers for providing it!
This was Great! Very close to superman type as a boy from another planet who has powers. And the beautiful Dianna Agron(god she is so hot!) who becomes his HS sweetheart as things become complicated and he tries to explain who he is fearing from danger that is hunting him. I really hope they make a sequel and have a larger budget as this may be a real box office hit if they had a little bit more $ involved. But overall definitely enjoyable, plenty of action and a B+ story line
Could not get past the first 30 min.
California, cheesy lines, 20 year old's that are always in bikinis and have no shirts.
Cant stand it. Could not watch pact the part when he said "I am number four".
Yeah-no. Not going to watch a movie that should be called "1001 over used Hollywood line structures."
Just as good on the second watch!
I liked it.
i really wish they would complete the sequel 'the power of six'
ive read alot of negatives on how the movie strayed away from the actual book, well nearly EVERY movie that was based off a book had to be changed alot. twlight, percy jackson, and many more.
if you ask me, i personally loved this movie it's one of my all time favorite sci-fi films to date. no chessy moments, filled with action, drama, thrillers, passion, and comedy.
please PLEASE producers make the sequel before the main actors are too old!!
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