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Really liked the motorcycle :-) and the special fx were the best part! The story? Well, it was, um, cutely written, a good teen syfy tale lol. Good for a romp, not a waste of time, just don't expect depth of drama and you'll enjoy it. 6.5/10
I ended up skipping through various scenes of this movie. It really is just a huge cliche piece of garbage. I mean, really, these aliens are poised to take over the world...but they have to stand in line to purchase chicken at a grocery store? Were the creators high? Not to mention that, but the last battle takes place, quite literally, on a freaking football field. This is a movie for children and can not be taken seriously by anyone.
Good movie...even for being PG is intense....
That was good! What are they waiting for to make a sequel??
oh my god that was bad! Let's call it what it is, a SciFi after school special. Cliche much?
Great movie! Each time I watch I see something new. Can't wait for a sequel!!!!!
I watched this one a few years ago and just rewatched it. A really good one and still hoping someone will step and make a sequel....
@bralen44 that's what i'm sayin !!
How did this movie not get a sequel?!
This is such a nice movie, the ending was totally unexpected. I really hope they make a sequel or something like that.
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