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I liked it.
i really wish they would complete the sequel 'the power of six'
ive read alot of negatives on how the movie strayed away from the actual book, well nearly EVERY movie that was based off a book had to be changed alot. twlight, percy jackson, and many more.
if you ask me, i personally loved this movie it's one of my all time favorite sci-fi films to date. no chessy moments, filled with action, drama, thrillers, passion, and comedy.
please PLEASE producers make the sequel before the main actors are too old!!
Awesome script, too bad they did not make a sequel.
@crystalskull ... would you mind rephrasing that? I'm having a hard time figuring out what you mean exactly.
Is anything known about the possible release of the second part? :)
@dopilus thanks for advice! definitely i'll read.but later bcs there are 6 books in the series...and yet i need to fix my i decided to read book series of dark angel...but don't know, to know further story where to start?
I did enjoy the movie and I didn't know about the books. Guess, I will get the books soon.
Stop spoiling the movies please btw this movie is good i and intreasting it keeps me into the movie 99% of the time but like all movies there are some parts im like just no but pretty good i give it a 9.5/10
@crystalskull ... you should read the books if you liked the story that much. Books are always more in depth and there's at least* 3 more out that I know of. I read the first one before the movie came out, only took about a day (and it was infinitely better than the movie in terms of story telling).
this is an stand alone movie.good acting,cool cast,music,
character's was a good mix of cool cg effects and the reel deal.for me it was enjoyable,good-feel movie with cute girls and ugly doubt villians were sick and number six was bad ass(in a good way)!well power of six is indeed a kick-ass hottie.Beagle was an adorable character(really interesting and my fav)...everything was good but it could have been a bit better.i would love to watch this movie again!i would like to see a sequel with a little better look at their species and was a clean,fun film for the entire family and for all ages!and i'm still waiting for THE POWER OF SIX!!!!!!just hope they'll release it soon!bcs a sequel would be amazing!!!!!
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