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I Am Legend 2007

Years after a plague kills most of humanity and transforms the rest into monsters, the sole survivor in New York City struggles valiantly to find a cure...

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Imdb rating: 7.2

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@Elfkin thanks for the info. I'll definitely checkout the same.
@sona_ami Read or listen to the book (youtube), It's different but it is more
I want more. Please make sequence.....
All around great movie!!
Of course it has Moses in it.
don't watch this, watch the original "Omega Man" much better.
I agree that was the 1st fast movers I saw and whew no thanks shoot me now I'm not a sprinter.
Borderline spoilers guys. Reports will fly.
The ending you're describing is the ending that I've seen. You're telling me that there is another ending. BTW the "crazies" in this flick scared the he!! outta me. I hate fast moving zombie things. Charleton Heston "Omega Man" never would have stood a chance with these guys.
This very movie gives the most iconic example of the possible post-apocalyptic, cataclysmic events following an outbreak. Events of the horrific night of military keeping the infected behind and stranded to inevitably turn while the healthy must struggle to survive and multiply their numbers. Maybe its me, but the upcoming game Last of Us is definitely a perfect representation of this film's legacy. Cloverfield and The Crazies may also seem to borrow somewhat from this plot, also two good films I recommend you to watch.
Smith brings down the hammer down on another entertaining, yet convincing performance, and Alice Braga just as good in this. One of my favorite films ever. 9/10