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This movie, in my opinion, is a great disappointment after seeing the original Grinch. The story is along the same lines, but somehow, the essence of it was stolen. I will not be watching it again.

its funny ass hell

Jim Carrey shines as the Grinch and the movie stays true to the original in means of it's message and the original characters.
wow Siskel's review is really off base on this film. It is Dynamite!! This might be Jim Carrey's best performance. Directed by Ron Howard I have loved every movie he has ever made. It is really entertaining and I love all the art and set direction and the BIZARRE crass Christmas stuff. Really the Studio misdirected here it is not a film for the kids but for us adults!!
Hmm, lets start with, it is no-where near as good as the cartoon, and besides the Rick Baker's make-up designs, the movie is a complete FLOP! At first it seems like it could be pretty good, but then the story goes where it shouldn't. Come on, who cares about the Grinch's past? Even Jim Carry's interpretation of the Grinch gets a little too much to handle. To sum it up, go ahead and watch it, but be prepared for 2 hours of dizzying camera work, strange set pieces(even for Dr.Seusse), and a weird interpretation of a christmas cartoon classic.

Ron Howard's adaptation of Dr. Seuss' 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' certainly receives its fair share of flack. And some of it is understandable, but I've always had a soft spot for this film during the holiday season. Is it the most faithful Seuss adaptation? Definitely not. But it is whimsical, funny, and entertaining. Say what you will, but in my book, the film passes with flying colors.

Touching the classics of Dr. Seuss is never an easy task. Many have tried, many have failed. And while this version of that nasty green Who who decides to steal Christmas may not always measure up, Ron Howard's vision is something of a visual treat. Nestled inside a snowflake, Whoville comes to life with color and magic. The attention to detail is impeccable, and it makes every corner of this film pop out with flair and pizzazz.

'The Grinch' finds Jim Carrey being... Jim Carrey. It's such a ridiculously over-the-top performance, but it's endlessly entertaining. The Grinch's antics are hopelessly amusing, and through his mean streak, there's an undeniable charm that Carrey brings to the role. And while Carrey often verges on annoying and overbearing, his shtick here has always made me laugh.

Through it all, the Grinch learns a valuable lesson while we have a gorgeously electric film to look at that's a blast to watch. Ron Howard has created his own interpretation of the timeless Seuss classic, and I find it admirable. And while there's no replacing the original brilliance, this 21st century update isn't too shabby itself. Fun and goofy, it's a feel-good film perfect for the holidays.

:fresh: One thing I don't understand is why critics are picky a lot. This film is actually quite good.
One of the most under appreciated movies ever, the Grinch is a pretty fun movie. Jim Carrey single-handedly nails the Grinch, and the other acting wasn't too bad either. The costumes and sets are nicely detailed, especially the Whos. I personally don't mind the glass eating scene as much as most people; some would say that children would think it's ok to eat glass after watching that scene, but personally, I think that the Grinch represents the exact opposite of what kids are supposed to do... until the ending when his heart grows three sizes, that is. It's completely accurate to both the book and the old cartoon special. A lot of the songs represent nostalgia, but one of the songs, "Where Are You Christmas?", nearly made me cry when I was a little kid; and even now, when I'm nearly 16, it still has somewhat an emotional effect on me. So bottom line, this movie doesn't deserve all the hate it's getting; it's harmless. 7/10!
This movie is fabulous and a great movie to see!!!!!! :fresh: :rolleyes: :up: :cool:
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