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Absolutely a MUST SEE!! It's was moving, intense and i did cry at the end.. :( one of them movies that makes you think what you would do if you were in that situation.. 10/10!!!! And Paul Walker was just epic is this!
pretty much meh - Nothing wrong w PW, just guess i was expecting it to be better
Wow this was deep and intense...Loved it!
very good movie 10/10
Watched this a while back, before his passing. It's a really good movie and shows how he could carry it pretty much by himself.
Great movie!!!! I have to admit that it was boring to watch him crank the generator every couple minutes, but it was still a good movie. 10/10
Movie was great, Paul Walker was very talented and this is a great example.
good movie, a little slow in some parts but yes I will agree with many here that it shows to what extent a parent will go through to protect their own. well done paul
Interesting movie, and you will want to watch it to the end, a bit slow in parts but overall quite good. video quality is good, 7/10
that was the best movie i ever watch in 2013