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nice flick good one
A lot of fun, loved the tiny wolfs ;)
I kinda zinged the movie :)
Stuff we do for kids... Cute film, cute story, cute characters... Horrible, horrible choice of music.
I suffered.
8/10 (not including music!)
I would suggest you to go on
Extremly funny and lovely movie ..seriously Twilight makers shud learn from this how to make a movie..its just awesome..Loved it on Blu Ray..!! Must watch if u r "Zinged" with some1 .. :)
i liked it...8/10
Great CGI animation. Thoroughly enjoyed it. 8/10
Thanx to all the linkers. Fantastic CGI. Great little story for young and old. luv the Drac Rap at the end.
Ponchis' putlocker link is great. Super cool movie
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