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the second part is coming soon
Jennifer Aniston looks the hottest she ever has and the movie is also hilarious and features Charlie Day in my opinion the funniest one from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
What more do you need to hear? Watch it!
This movie was hilarious,I had such a good laugh.
Definately enjoyed it 8/10 :)
this movie was so funny, one of the best comedies ive seen in a while
pretty good movie ive seen it a few times now well worth the watch jennifer aniston is a boss i wouldn't mind having tho 7.5/10 movie.
Great movie put off seeing it for way to long wow so got to own this movie on blue ray. Thanks a friend she sold me with a funny scene. The whole drag racing in a prius wow so funny can't even review this movie it's one of those special comedias that come around once in while well not really Hollywood churns out a lot of good comedies each year. Yo love "Hall Pass" and the quite recent "WE Are The Millers" yo check that one out either here or in theaters. Also check out the master of funny with Blue Jasmine love Woody Allen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;']
HAHAHA.....pretty good movie! :-)
As @timefly50 said, "Perfect movie after a crappy day at work..." I agree with the majority of comments here, very funny movie. Jennifer Aniston's character struck me as particularly well crafted because the role is outside her normal wheelhouse. I also happen to love most anything Kevin Spacey does (Keyser Söze!). As a whole, the story was also quite humorous, dark humor, and great fun to watch. As the adage goes, "most people leave a boss, not a job." Many studies back this up as well. To take it down a notch, I'd never hurt anyone--I can't even bring myself to take a sick day if not really sick, but dear higher power, please hear my Solar prayer, I need a new job before I fall apart. Now. Same story as many people, I imagine, working late, getting home, distracting myself with Solar and the great community here, falling asleep (sometimes mid-show or movie), dreaming about work, getting up early, working all day. Wash and repeat. Adding time for a job search, while Solar is on in the background, of course :), would be a good step to fulfill my Solar work prayer. I know, the tiniest violin is playing me a song at this very moment. And in this economy, having a job and a career is something to truly be grateful for. Believe me, for the paycheck and the vast majority of my coworkers, I am quite grateful. But as you see in this movie, a poor boss can metaphorically, emotionally, spiritually and sometimes physically, suck the life out of a person. In turn, as you'll see in this dark comedy, a few employees literally attempt to suck the life out of their bosses--picturing those Harry Potter monsters inhaling those bosses right now. Oh yeah, I'm an HP geek, not so much that I recall the name of those monsters though! Prayer aside, I'm someone who enjoys my actual job and my career though I'm at the point where I'd give up quite a bit (including a decent pay reduction if necessary) to have a different boss. Hence, leaving a boss, not a job. Hmm...guessing it would be a not so smart and very passive aggressive move to recommend this movie to my boss. D**n it. Hey, kudos to anyone who read through this entire comment. If you reply, does this mean I now owe you for therapy? :)
Perfect movie after a crappy day at work.. This one is sure to make you laugh!