very good film

u can talk

ok got kindof boring after a while
An imprisoned kid goes to a peculiar bootcamp
where the kids dig countless holes.
Not as good as the book.
An innocent kid is forced to work at
an inscrutable boot camp.
It's mildly entertaining, and very loyal to the book in the technicalities of it all, but it just doesn't capture the book's feel and overall just doesn't feel right.
A really good family movie, based on a book I never read, Shia lebouf plays a kid with alotta bad luck, who is sent to a camp where he is forced to dig holes.I wasn't sure what to expect, since it's a Disney adaptation of a book, but the story evolves through-out the movie, and it keeps you more and more interested. All the characters really add to it, and the cast is alot better than I expected. A good one for the kids, but it doesn't FEEL too much like a kid movie:fresh:
Typically, "kids" films have an annoying quality to it that makes it sappy and unbearable for someone over 13. Then again, that's before Holes hit the scene. Sure, it has the same moments that often times give kids movies its aformentioned quality, but this film does good job of staying away from such conventions. Acting was decent, and uneasy dynamics that Stanley had with some of the other camper was more realistic than what most movies seek to portray. What I liked about this moivie was fact that this film didn't try to break your heart or make you cry. Emotional power was little more natural than most would imagine, kind like The Shawshank Redemption (which Holes also has similar, redemptive ending to it). Only down side? The hokey looking lizards.
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