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Here Comes the Boom 2012

A high school biology teacher looks to become a successful mixed-martial arts fighter in an effort to raise money to prevent extra-curricular activities from being axed at his cash-strapped school...

Release Date:
October 12, 2012
105 min
Frank Coraci ...
Chris Nuñez, Kevin James, Salma Hayek, Robert Masiello, Greg Germann, Reggie Lee, Henry Winkler, Joe Rogan, Kimmie Johnson, Michael P. O'Toole, Alexander 'Alex' Garde, Wanderlei Silva, Germaine De Leon, Bas Rutten, Teresa Zantua, Chemi Che-Mponda, Jason Sandler, Melissa Peterman, Chael Sonnen, Zoe Hartman, Steve Head, Arianny Celeste, Alex Ziwak, Amber Shonts, Stephanie Atkinson, Bob Dio, Rich Manley, Jeff Martineau, David Pulson, George J. Vezina, Gino Falsetto, Mark DellaGrotte, Michael J Hammett, Victor Franko, Alex East, D.W. Cormier, Seth Romero, Jonathan Cornett, Mark Muñoz, Barry Ace, Richard Pacheco, Marcela Jaramillo, Seamus Knight, Ronald Diberto, Kilo Alexander, Carlyne Fournier, Marisa Iacomini, Jeff T. Buco, Charles Matumbi Jackson, Caitlin Blair Thistle, Aingea Venuto, Adam Teper, Jeffery Kincannon, Jim Patton, Autumn Sacramone, Steve Perry, Matthias Lupri, Luke Young, Sarah Fischer, Emmalyn Anderson, Jacqueline Astbury, Christopher Coulouras, Chris Palermo, Kenneth Siddons, David Struffolino, Jaquelyn Fabian, Olivia Jordan, J Parker Kent, Kayla Ruhl, Jason Miller, John Joseph Lindsey, Van Brockmann, Mickey Gilmore, London Hall, Gwen Kosak, Rob Lavin, William Xifaras, Steven Dougherty, Adrianne Balcom, Marc Ferrante, John C. Blenn, Steve Bjork, Daniel Perez, Neil LeGallo, Justin McKinney, Dillon O'Donnell, Ryan Parsons, Jeana Pondelli, Deborah Rosencrans, Jeff Sussman, Nitasha Garcia, Kristen Augenfeld, Philippe Stella, Steven Rears, Ahmed al-Gendy, Blaine Stevens, Christopher Fisher, Dave Morrison, Craig Minervini, Amber Delph, Odis Spencer Jr., Jonathan Draxton, Michael Tarara, Gabriel Ricker ...
Comedy, Action, Sport ...

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Imdb rating: 6.5

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First things first, Kevin James looks dang good in this movie!
I love the scene where he's describing the lazy cell and how it thinks that all the other cells will pick up the slack but that in reality all the other cells will slack too and the system begins to die.
He just described why socialism doesn't work. BOOM.
Anyway...a great feel good movie and the fight at the end was really cool. I smiled all through the last 5 mins.
Definitely a must watch.
This movie wont ever get an oscar, let it be said. However, and feel free to call be biased, I love to see Bas Rutten (the guy could easilly be called one of the most dangerous men on the face of this planet, yet he's apparently also one of the kindest .. as long as you dont mess with him).
The movie has a bit of a slow start but quickly picks up pass and eventhough its not all that funny, it doesnt get boring and just keeps rolling on. I also never mind seeing 'the Fonz' again, he'll always be a cool guy to me :)
This movie may perhaps leave an impression that it will trow a lot of violence at you, but it really isnt all that much or severe, I would easilly let a couple of 12 year olds watch this movie.
Overall a very entertaining movie, that may actually get you to root for 'Voss' at the end.
Little personal sidenote; I apreciate that the Dutch in this movie is actually Dutch and not like in some movies/series a load of -sensored- (like 'Marga' in Friends who could not even pronounce her own name properly). Still dislike people refering to my country as Holland though, that doesnt exist. It is The Netherlands.
this movie was actually good for being a Happy Madison Production! I knew they could finally make a good movie!
This was good! A lot of heart and a great message! 8/10
A movie to watch, didn't laugh much, the story is good and the story is well done. :) a movie to watch again ;)
This movie is so awesome :P I laughed my ass off hahahaha
Also gotta love Paul Blart. I like Kevin James' movies , but I didn't care for King of Queens though
I liked thismovie a lot and I liked Zookeeper too.
truly an inspirational movie, funny and heart felt.
two tumbs up
All good clean fun ! 8.5/10
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