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Head in the Clouds 2004

HEAD IN THE CLOUDS is a sweeping romantic drama set in 1930's England, Paris, and Spain. Gilda Bessé shares her Paris apartment with an Irish schoolteacher, Guy Malyon, and Mia, a refugee...

Release Date:
October 30, 2004
132 min
John Duigan ...
Charlize Theron, Penélope Cruz, Stuart Townsend, Thomas Kretschmann, Steven Berkoff, David La Haye, Karine Vanasse, Gabriel Hogan, Peter Cockett, Élizabeth Chouvalidzé, Jolyane Langlois, Sophie Desmarais, Éloïsa Laflamme-Cervantes, Ivan Vukov, Sebastian Bailey, Michael Daniel Murphy, Linda Tomassone, Julian Casey, Lisa Bronwyn Moore, Frank Fontaine, Vanya Rose, Amy Sloan, Sven Eriksson, Michèle Chatelet, Arthur Holden, Paule Ducharme, Jérôme Tiberghien, Lenie Scoffié, Sarah Gravel, Benjamin Chouinard, Émilie Carrier, John Jorgenson, Eric Bérard, François Rousseau, André Farleiros, Elisa Sergent, Cécile Cassel, Michel Albert Côté, Christopher Freeman, Jérôme Huerta, Carlos Alvear, Sonia Auger-Guimont, Hervé Desbois, Jan Oliver Schroeder, Paul-Antoine Taillefer, Allen Altman, Mark Antony Krupa, Judith Baribeau, Armand Laroche, Elizabeth Marleau, John Robinson, Harald Winter, Elizabeth Whitmere, Stéphane Boutet, Charles Lelaure, Vincent Leclerc, Giovanni Sabetta, Stéphanie Pasterkamp, Julie Judd, Annick D'Amours, Lucien Rémillard, Melanie Bergeron, Michel Langelier, Jaladriel Ardacar, Nancy Loof, Mabel Palomino, Sophye Anne Sherer, Martine Tremblay, Gilbert Patenaude, Christopher Dyson, Davis Gramm, Rachelle Lefevre, Frankie Pain, France Viens, Jean-Raoul Lacote, Christine Solomon, Mélanie Simard, Daniella Alma ...
Drama, Romance, War ...
UK, Canada
English, French, German, Spanish

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Solar rating: 4.8


Imdb rating: 6.6



DVD First Viewing, 2 Duigan films seen

Head in the Clouds is an attractive picture with a good cast. It suffers from the same problem as most love stories - although Theron and Townsend are together in real life, their quasi-chemistry didn't convince me that they were truly in love. I would compare it to Cold Mountain, except I don't think it was one-tenth as ambitious as Anthony Minghella's embarassing misfire of an epic.
The Last Picture Show- I have heard people comparing this to Citizen Kane. It is not even close to Citizen Kane in terms of quality. I found the acting great, but a little shaky at times. The movie was a great showcase for unknown actors that are now stars today: Jeff Bridges, Randy Quaid, Ellen Burstyn, and Cybil Sheppard.

La Strada- I wasn't a fan of 8 1/2, but I always wanted to go back and see it. After watching this I am fan of Fellini now and must take a second look 8 1/2. A wonderful small movie that kept me thinking about days after.

Head in the Clouds- It is John Duigan's attempt on a epic film. He fails in some sense. I found the story preposterous, but the characters and the acting made me keep watching and I was facinated on what was going to happen next. Charlize Theron shows that Monster was not a fluke and not outshines everyone else.

Catwoman- The worst film of 2004 that I have seen yet. It is inept in every sense.

The Big Bounce- It is unfunny comedy that loses your interest half way through. Even though runs a little over 80 min long it feels to long, but underdeveloped. First time I have ever felt that way about a movie.

Okay, I admit it : On paper the story may seem hopelessly contrived -- another nostalgia piece for art-house liberals -- but on-screen it's presented in purely emotional terms, which allows Duigan and his excellent leads to inhabit and ultimately transcend the period. Charlize Theron also plays a wonderful Gilda with a surprising depth.

Somehow, Head In The Clouds' stiffness is inevitable at a point where every emotion starts to be superficial and every little soapy relationship falls apart from the chocolate-box visual style, giving some sort of waaaaayyy too pampered lovesick product. Dissapointing.

Bottom Line : A movie with too much makeup and not enough substance.

:fresh: :fresh: :fresh:
Glossy Melodrama
A movie that tries so hard to be indulging, "Head In The Clouds" is one of those movies labeled to be a "wannabe epic and love story". There is really no chemistry between the casts. Besides, its pretty sappy and ridiculously eccentric.
Charlize Theron, Stuart Townsend and Penelope Cruz are 3 friends/lovers in the 1930s right before the war explodes in Europe. As 2 go off to war, Gilda a French/American aristocrat stays in France to eventually become the lover of a German officer.

This film was made last year, and with 2 big name actresses this film only brought in $170,000. And Theron was naked in a lot of it.
I'm sure Theron is wishing she hadn't made it, but it's really not that bad of a film. Now if you're the kind of person that doesn't really like soft porn then you're right, you may not like this film.
However I do, and I enjoyed all of the Theron sex scenes in this film. It's not a film that you should go out of your way to see, but if it airs on IFC,Oxygen, or Lifetime- IT IS one of those films that will suck away 2 hours of your life without you meaning to submit to it.
It was a mediocre film, with a lot of sexual content.
6 out of 10 stars.

Head in the Clouds is another basic "war time love story." I have to say that I did enjoy some parts of it, but overall the characters have flimsy/flakey depth if any depth at all. Penelope Cruz visits the screen for a short while, but is nowhere near her true acting ability and the same can be said of Charlize Theron except that she's on the screen a heck of a lot more. This is the second movie I've seen Stuart Townsend in, and although he didn't seem to be all that great in either film I'm sure that if given the right part and story he could pull off an Academy Award performance. In summation I'd say that if you're in the mood for a 'love' movie I'd recommend I Capture the Castle instead of Head in the Clouds.

Director: John Duigan
Rated: R
*1 Duigan Film Viewed
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"Head in the Clouds" starts out at Cambridge University in 1933. Guy(Stuart Townsend) is a scholarship student from Ireland. A very wet and beautiful Gilda(Charlize Theron) stumbles into his room one rainy night. After Guy helps her out of her dress, they spend a platonic night together. A beautiful friendship is born which evolves into an on-again/off-again relationship. Guy eventually moves in with Gilda in Paris to become her assistant while she pursues a career in photography. Completing the triangle is Mia(Penelope Cruz) who is a Spanish refugee/ex-stripper with a limp who was rescued by Gilda and now has dreams of becoming a nurse.

The first half of "Head in the Clouds" is not bad but when the movie turns serious in the second half, it gets extremely ponderous and credibility goes out the window. I do suppose the writer/director wanted to make a statement but fails miserably. But it is certainly well-photographed.(A tip of the hat to the cinematographer.) And Charlize Theron, conveying the perfect combination of sexiness and vulnerability, is simply too good for low-level soap opera material like this.
Libertines in Europe in the 1930's.
Muchas pel
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