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i did even know about this movie..i liked it bunches!!
Gina kicks ass! Not exactly high production, but a good story with good action scenes.
Gina is awsome and super hot.
despite no training or experience at acting, gina carano did very well.. she IS actually a mixed martial arts master and was much more believable than, say, angelina jolie and others.. the inclusion of many name actors helped this film immeasurably.. there have been similar stories but this one is better presented.. if you research carano on imdb, you find that she was a chubby girl until she tagged along to her boyfriend's hand-to-hand class.. she trimmed up and kicked everybody else in the world's ass.. this is a very good action flick with a very believable female lead.

There was plenty of action in this movie.

The movie lacks the right type of music during action scenes to really add any edge, and the flash backs in the movie are really boring. I don't think I'd give it higher than 5/10, except maybe for the last bit of the movie.

sorry but i didn't like the movie!maybe i was expecting more!

movie kicks mucho butt...Gina Carano is bad ass and HOT! what more could you want?

modovideo is as good too. Good movie it would be better if the woman was played by a man. because u dont see many women fighting men and winning. tbh im not being sexist but speaking the truth. rate me up if u agree :)lol

Not a bad film, not bad quality on putlocker. The story jumps around a lot and not in a good Tarintino way, the fight scenes are good but few and far between. The relaxed 70's music during most of the action seemed a bit out of place, not to mention the character building is hugely missing. I felt more for the boy in the car than I did for other 'main' members. All in all not a bad watch, boring at worst and a good time waster at best. Not one I'll be looking forward to seeing in a sequel.


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