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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 2009

As Harry Potter begins his sixth year at Hogwarts, he discovers an old book marked as "the property of the Half-Blood Prince" and begins to learn more about Lord Voldemort's dark past...

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I rate the films based on how well they represent the books, being a purist of the books. Here's the order I rate them:
4-DH1 (PoA and DH1 are very close)
7-DH2 (5-7 are all close, practically even IMO)
8-OOTP (only one where Steve Kloves didn't write the screenplay)
I thought this film stayed with the book pretty well overall, though as with every film there were parts from the book left out, most notably a couple of the pensieve memories that would have helped tell the story better. It also depends on which parts of the book get left out, how key they are to the story. Some of the films didn't leave out as many key details as other films.
Though I enjoy this film as I do all the HP films, the 2 issues I have with HBP is the addition of the scene at the Burrow over the holidays which wasn't in the book and how director David 'the butcher' Yates has to turn every ending into his interpretation of what good vs evil means and we end up with these drawn out scenes that lack emotion and intensity. Chris Columbus and Alfonso Cuaron knew how to let the story unfold, even though they made small changes, they still kept to the spirit of the story instead of what their POV of it is.
Me tooo! Of all the children's lit that's become widely popular with adults in the past few years, HP is still at the top of my list. Thanks for this comment, makes me want to read the books again. Since HBP is your second favorite of the HP movies, which one is your favorite? This one, HBP, is my favorite of the movies. But I'm not sure which of the books is my favorite. May start a forum thread about the books so as not to clutter up the movie page.

now this movie was very good.this also leads to the next 2 films deathly hallows.which i still hope is in 3d.please lets do away with he who should not be named.

Can't wait for this film the book was such a great read
Matthew scott a member of rotten tomatoes said that harry potter 6 will be better than ever."It will be better than the order of the phoenix" He said.You will see that harry and ginny recieve a common relationship and hermoine and ron.You don't want to miss J.K Rowling best seller book.It will be jammed packed with action.Matthew scott wrote"I can't wait to see severus snape a death eater".Harry potter and the half blood prince will be realesed Nov 2008.Dont miss this extroudinary movie of daniel radcliff playing harry potter.
all the harry potter movies are so great. the first one isnt that great, because the actors are still very young and sort of unexperienced. special effects there are dont live up to todays standars.
after that, they are great. when it comes to the second one, the story is awesome, special effects are getting better, and so are the actors. those movies are a must-see, and the books a must-read.
:fresh: I hope the movie could be as good as the book
first 4 harry potter 2 arms up movie 5 i feel like the wizord him slef whatzz not 2 like .. nuting