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definitely brings back the memories
Classic movie. Last watched when I was a kid.
Nice Christmas film


This is a GREAT movie - I just love it!! It's fun, it's entertaining, and the puppetry involved in bringing the Gremlins and Gizmo to life is simply awesome! So much so I've always wanted a Mogwai (managed to hunt down a cuddly toy Gizmo a few years back :D)

It's one of those films I can watch over and over again, and still enjoy it - it's lost none of it's charm or it's appeal.

Gremlins (1984)

A nice horror/comedy to watch around Christmas time. An 80's classic. Love the theme song too! I even had Gremlins shoes as a kid with Gizmo and Stripe on the side. It's a campy classic horror movie but it's something I must watch at least once a year.
Gremlins (1984): 9/10

I remember that Gremlins took the country by storm back in the 1980s, but I was not allowed to watch it until I was much older. When I did get to watch it in my teens, I did enjoy the film. In fact, I enjoyed it more then than I do now after rewatching it. I think it was able to captivate an audience of the 1980s in the same way that E.T. did, but in today's world of CGI and a higher level of action, it falls short. Either that, or you have to be young to really enjoy this film. (I've just had to re-rate it a point lower than I had previously rated it.)

'Gremlins' is a cute film, and it's still funny and enoyable to watch. The main problem with the film is the acting. The characters were a little boring, despite some of their quirks. I guess Gizmo and the Gremlins are meant to take the spotlight anyway, but whenever the main male or female characters come on the screen, there is an unhealthy dishing of dialogue. The love story is a little silly, but I do think it is done well. However, the serious dalogue is often ridiculed as funny -- in part, it's down to some bad acting. The horrible story about the female lead's father is an example of this. It's a horrible story, but the manner in which it is told is almost amusing. It's difficult to take that seriously.

Okay, I'll stop criticizing it now. It's a pretty good film, and it is a film that I enjoyed much more when I was younger.
This is a movie that recognized what it was supposed to be from the start, a cheesy horror kinda thing and for that, I applaud them. I don't think that anyone could hate this movie, it has comedy, violence, romance, and tiny green animals being microwaved to death, really could you ask for more? And besides, gizmo is just so damn cute...
Didn't know where to go so I stayed in my renting apartment like last week! This typhoon was not big enough to gave us holidays, a bit disappointments but at least, not much harm came.
Friday night, I watched 3 DVDs I rented from Blockbuster to ease some stressed mind. Some time I just have an idea to realize the films such as "Godfather", why was so classic, but mob-gangster genre not my taste. Well. I really considered to rent, minumtes later I gave up, however!
It was pity that "Dirty Dancing: Havana night" was rent earlier by someone, or I could see the song "Dance Like This" which was adapted by Shakira and was pick for FIFA.
Pet Sematary just so-so, Stephan King had a cameo in it.
The Aviator, Howard Hugh's story, I really thought if I could born wealth like him, I might not have so many inhappy things' happened. "Money might not bring happy but without money must be painful".
I'd saw Gremlins in my senior high school and Phoebe Cates was a rising star then, she was one of my favorites actress and partly for her Asian blood.

On Sunday, I thought I should go out some place but I changed my mind, I managed to use movie maker and Power Director to edit my opera films. Just transformed to MPEG film, not yet for sound or other special effect for I'm still uncertain.
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