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Gravity 2013

A medical engineer and an astronaut work together to survive after a catastrophe destroys their shuttle and leaves them adrift in orbit...

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where my popcorn better watch this :D
Fantastic! Gripping! Sandra Bullock nailed this one. It was so real like. I can actually see why this movie gained so may Oscars! The first rime I seen this I didn't really see it, tonight I actually watched it and was simply impressed. Although I could not quit imagining how in the world does one go to the restroom up there? This movie shows strength, power, dedication, and survival, loved how they portrayed how a human would look without a helmet or the oxygen needed to live. It was definitely morbid to say the least. Worth the watch 2X's I rate this awesome movie a 8/10★
Thought I'd be bored, but this was actually pretty good! Not for everyone, though.
I liked everything else but the script..
I was pleasantly surprised by this. I figured this entire movie could be a single scene in a good sci-fi action, but was entertained all the way through.
This is clearly a movie designed to be watched in theatres. Special effects are crazy good and overall it is intense. You can just tell that this movie is much more about the experience than it is about the plot. However, that is its flaw, I found myself very bored watching it here because the plot was not really interesting, and I suppose Sandra Bullock's character came across as untrained and unprepared for a space mission and made my suspension of disbelief kind of fade.
If only I had the big theater effects to distract me from an otherwise boring plot. Fantastic actors though. 7.5/10
Great visuals but I didn't really enjoyed gravity, maybe because I was expecting a sci fi movie, not a love\drama...
The best way to enjoy this movie, ironically, is by forgetting everything you know about gravity.~
This one is more of a tear jerker than sci-fi. Film makers count on peoples inability to be factual once a baby shoe is thrown in with the mix. It's nicely planned boo-hoo film, but it won't be getting a science award for accuracy any time soon...
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