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A romantic movie with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. They had wonderful chemistry together. I love this movie and it never gets old. I have watched it a dozen times and always get tearful at the end. Good movie, always will be.

Today I have finally sat down and watched Misery, based on the Stephen King book about writer Paul Sheldon who is finishing his last misery novel and on his way too his publisher his car crashes in a snow storm, badly hurt he is rescued by his number one fan but when he realises she is a complete nutjob and with that we get a very cool and suspensful film.

Misery is a film that I kept looking at and thinking you know what it's not gonna be my type of film so for many years I past up the chance to watch it and finally I said fuck it I'm gonna give it a chance and I'm glad I finally did cause this is a great film and one of the better Stephen King film adaptations.

The acting is brilliant, Kathy Bates is great as Annie Wilkes and she is at her best with this crazy performance, she goes too new depths of insanity and it makes for a very creepy role, James Caan is great here too, for a guy who spends the whole film in a wheelchair and in bed he can still act and show so much emotion, Lauren Becall has a much smaller role in this film but she does bring something to this production, Richard Farnsworth brings a more sweet side to this film as the nice sheriff McCain a sweet old man who is only doing his job and lasty Frances Sternhagen is good as his wife and has a few funny lines and keeps him on his feet.

I have never read Misery so I don't know how similar the book and film are but hopefully since this film got showered with such good reviews that it followed the book pretty closely, still I think out of the King films I've seen this its one of the better ones and up there with Stnad By Me.

This movie has some seriously creepy scenes, everytime Kathy Bates is on screen I felt like I was scared to be in her presence and she really scared the crap out of me with this performance.

Misery isn't that violent but it still has some good scenes of torture with one scene of a ritual called a hobbling where you put a piece of wood between someones ankles and proceed to sledgehammer there feet so they can't escape and this scene had me shocked when they actually showed one of the feet snapping and bending, a truely shocking sequence.

Lastly Misery is a great film, with some fantastic performances from the leads and with its mix of comedy and dark twisted suspense it makes for a good horror film and one of the much better King films, highly recommended.
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They say this is a romanance, which yes it did have its share of romantics, (expeshally that potery scene, woooo) But I don' think its totally romantic. My favorate Line in this is not, "Diddo." insted its "You're Dead Really."
This stars the uber-buff Patrick Swayzek, Demi Moore & Whoopi Goldberg in her academy award winning role.
I'm ready to go see that hunk Superman again. But these flicks were all quite enjoyable, especially Jurassic Park. Goldblum and Vaughn in the late 90s? Tall, dark, sexy, and funny. Made the whole thing very enjoyable. And the T-rex mommy and daddy, of course.

"World Trade Center" is one of the worst movies I've seen this year not simply because it was boring, horribly written, poorly constructed, and was full of uninvolving cheesy moments, but because it did these things with a subject that had no room for error. If you're going to make a movie about the World Trade Center disaster only 5 years after it happened, you'd better make damn sure that you don't screw it up. Take United 93-- it was a lean, well-oiled machine of a film, void of cliche and very well written and directed. "World Trade Center" is a wreck in all these areas. If this movie weren't about such a sensitive topic, it might even be worse, simply because I feel like the only thing which carried this film was its subject matter. There are so many ridiculous, laughable moments that I wanted to get up and leave. I need to remind you that I went into this film with a very serious expectation-- it took a lot of shit to get me to laugh at 9/11, and it hurts to do it, but this film really took the cake on making a joke out of a horrible tragedy. What a waste.

"Ghost" didn't live up to its expectations for me, but it was still a decent film. Some aspects of the plot were expected and cliched, but for the most part it's quite a unique concept. Whoopi's performance is great, and the others all carry their weight. It starts out a little stupid, but after he dies things start to pick up and the film becomes greatly interesting. The only thing holding this movie back from greatness are several cheesy moments and a recycled bad guy/good guy plotline. Engaging, but could have been more seemless. Entertaining, at the very least.
Ghost shows love that transcends death. Chemistry between Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze is incredible. The way they look at one another is sexier than any of those graphic love scenes. They make real romantic connection through their eyes. Ghost not only has wonderful, likeable character in Sam Wheat, Molly Jensen, and Oda Mae Brown, but it has engrossing plot that movies right along. Entwined in all this is a beautiful score.
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