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whoever made the trailer for this movie should be shot. I almost didn't watch the movie because of it but I'm glad i did. 8/10
Loved this movie as a kid, still love it today. One of the very few movies that glorifies hard work rather than special circumstance.
A good film that could have been great if it had strayed away from the crushing sentimentality. The dialogue is laughable in some key moments and its earnestness is its achilles heel. Overall the score is great (when it's not used to overly emphasize an emotion) the set design is wonderful, and Hawke and Law give good performances. There are so many missed opportunities in this film, however, one of which could have been more scenes with Elias Koteas as the father, but it's only one of many.
A look at Niccol's career since this film only serves to emphasize that he is, for lack of a better term, a SciFi cheesemeister. Watch The Host and you'll see definitive proof. Easily one of the worst mainstream SciFi films of the last few years.
9/10. Leaves me speechless everytime. And agreed all what mg_nificent said.
Agreed. Indicative of a pre-Orwellian dystopia, preluding to 1984?

A scary, yet realistic vision of the future combined with film noir aspects (the look of the thing! the murder case!). Interesting characters, loved the visuals, loved the ending, loved the music.
Yup, I think I have a new entry in my top 20.
***1/2 / ****
Uma obra interessante e que melhora com o passar do tempo.
Brazil-The best distopian film ever!!!!!!!!!!! Jon Pryce does a great job acting so introverted and DeNiro as (B)uttle is just brilliant. This movie is also proof that you don't need Cgi for convincing special effects. Gilliam is a fucking genius.

Fahrenheit 451-I honestly didn't like this movie even though I wanted to. I am such a big fan of the Bradbury book that I felt had better ideas for a movie version. And the acting is so stiff, I almost fell asleep. Herrmann's score is great though.

1984-John Hurt does a great job performing in this film as Winston although this film is only for people who read the Orwell novel. Also, the film lacks the important spirit the book had which meant alot to me when I read it.

Dark City-GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!! I've never cheered so much in a movie before when Rufes Sewell was kicking telekinetic alien ass. And William Hurt as the Detective is memorable.

Gattaca-REALLY UNDERRATED. This film has great music, performances, photography, and story. It's kind of like Brave New World with the Chaste system. And the suspense is great.

Sorry if I have been lacking pics lately. I've been lazy.:D

The first time I saw this film, I was engaged with it on a story level; the thematic weight of the film is not subtle by any means, but it does a lovely job of masking itself with genuine suspense. The story of a genetically imperfect man who only yearns to fulfill what he has always dreamed of in a world that demands genetic perfection, the film has enough taut moments, despite its languid elegance, that one is propelled forward with tension.

This time, however, the suspense removed, I was genuinely moved by the film. Ethan Hawke does nothing so well as invest the character of Vincent with palpable yearning. The entire story reflects a feeling of reaching for something just out of reach, and buoyed by an entirely believable futuristic milieu, the themes of defining one's potential and the ability of mankind to surpass its limitations through force of will hit home in a strikingly original and humanistic way.

The film is only slightly marred by contrivance, including a couple of 'twists' and a senseless suicide; however, the power of the film's belief, like the human spirit it champions, overcomes these limitations to resonate and entertain.

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