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Gangster Squad 2013

It's 1949 Los Angeles, the city is run by gangsters and a malicious mobster, Mickey Cohen. Determined to end the corruption, John O'Mara assembles a team of cops, ready to take down the ruthless leader and restore peace to the city...

Release Date:
January 11, 2013
113 min
Ruben Fleischer ...
Giovanni Ribisi, Louise Griffiths, Michael Bacall, Don Harvey, Robert Patrick, Derek Mears, Sean Penn, Jonny Coyne, Kelleia Sheerin, Michael Papajohn, John Aylward, Esther Scott, Jack Conley, Scott Fowler, Frank Grillo, Tony Sagastizado I, Josh Brolin, Chris Moss, Robert Sisko, Anthony Molinari, Jared Murillo, Emma Stone, Kristen Marie Kelly, Maxwell Perry Cotton, Darrell Davis, Michael Peña, Lucy Davenport, Ryan Gosling, Holly Traister, Danny Wynands, Anne Leighton, Nancy Gassner-Clayton, Jess King, Marcy McCusker, Michael Ouellette, Gill Garci, Pat Jankiewicz, Rebecca Honett, Tom Hallick, Kojo Asiedu, Tanner Gill, Sullivan Stapleton, Nancy McCrumb, De'aundre Bonds, Stephanie Landwehr, Mickey Giacomazzi, Sergio Kato, Scott Beehner, Jeremy Dunn, Ambyr Childers, Bradley Sackin, Christopher Aber, Greg Cannone, Riel Paley, Marie Grujicic-Delage, Geoff Pilkington, Kara C. Roberts, Josh Pence, Alexis Toone, Kat Munday, Christopher Tisa, Veronica Parks, Sophia Strauss, Bill Blair, Scott St. Blaze, Eddie Davenport, Kristin Gagliardi, Elizabeth Howell, Haley Strode, Erica Stikeleather, Mason McCulley, Marlene Manes, Robert T. Barrett, Eva La Dare, Carolina Provvido, Melanie Gage, Debby Gerber, Amber Sharae Topsy, Chris Jackson, Meg Schaab, Faye Kelly, Cathy Fielding, Courtney Howard, Nick Gligor, Rebecca Hancock, Clint Corley, Stephen Tako, Matt Callahan, Kevin Young, Hilary Fleming, Michelle Current, Dougie Styles, Monifa Ellis, David Johnson, Don Pecchia, Todd Honeycutt, Steve Hernandez, Hugo Martin, Jacoby Mosby, Brett Stiugiss, Liz Watts ...
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Action ...

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Imdb rating: 6.8

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Thought it was a good movie. Held my interest. The story, characters and acting was solid. I give it a 8/10.
It was good although I would not say better than Untouchables. Just different. The acting is great and the period stuff seemed spot on. Lots of great location shots.
If you liked the Untouachables, then this is a must and a little better ;-) I really enjoyed this one.
Although I never knew what "Noah" did after the war. ha ha
I was like i will wait for this one cos its just like all the other´s i have seen but nope i should have seen this the day it was ready in a good quality Dope movie it´s a must for those who like a god old gangster movie like untouchables.
Didn't think too much of this film when it came out. Mostly because it's been a while since hollywood has done a period gangster movie. I can't think of many right of the tip of my tongue but the only one that comes to mind is the Untouchables. I really loved that Brian De Palma flick. No way is it better but it's still in the same league. I don't know why it was on the list of worst films this year when there's so many bad films like movie 43 and the last scary movie. I can't believe I sat through both of those films.
Most of these cops films against these bigger than life criminals usually start and end the same way. That being said I love period films and especial set in Los Angeles. Love the clothes, the vintage cars, the music. If you have a chance play La Noire it was a freaking master piece wow games are so realistic they are works of art.
There are many epic gun battles. Tommy guns.
Fantastic movie 9/10
Good acting and storyline. Enjoyed watching these style of movies...
This movie like the Untouchables is based of fact and actual events Both my mother and father lived through most of the events this movie depicts so that is why I give this movie a 10
This movie so wants to be like The Untouchables but often comes across more like Bugsy Malone, and Sean Penn hams it up like a Batman villain. Having said all that, it has a good cast and lots of action so I have to admit that I did enjoy it.
Well There are alot of critics here, but with respect maybe this doesnt compare to films like goodfellas or Scarface but this is an awsome movie. I liked te story alot it was good to follow. And people who doesnt like mafia movies just try it you wont be dissapointed :D
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